My experience with myproana

Hello everyone, for today’s post I want to share my experience with myproana (mpa).

I’ve been an on and off member of for years now and know the site and the community prett well. For those who don’t know what mproana is: is a website for people struggling with eating disorders. It’s a forum based site in which its members post topics centered around their eating disorders. The community insists that their role is to help one another overcome their eating disorder and for emotional support.

However, don’t be fooled by the name myPROANA. This site isn’t as pro-ana as the name sounds. Many members feel as if they have to “warn off” others who want to develop an eating disorder. They definitely don’t share ‘tips/trick.’ At least not concsiously. While most are against aiding others develop eating disorders and definately don’t help them out, they ensure to share tips and tricks only with each others. As long as you don’t call them ‘tips/tricks.’

As mentioned, I’ve been an on and off member for some time now for many reasons. Like any other forum based website, you have your polite and helpful members, but you also have your offensive and rude members. This, I feel, can be very controversial. While it’s main purpose is to help support others with eating disorders, the community can help crush a member. If you have an eating disorder, you don’t want that type of negativity. All this can be quite triggering.

This leads me to my next point. The website is very triggering. Not only will you find a whole section dedicated to just thinspo, but almost every topic is eating disorder related and most are members giving each others ‘tips’ on what foods to eat, who their favorite thinspo is, how to avoid getting caught purging, etc. If you are trying to recover and are easily triggered, I don’t recommend this website at all.

Now, mpa does some pros though. It’s extremely easy to meet friends on there who understand exactly what you are going through. These people will forever be in your heart as only they understand you. Also, can be a great tool if used correctly. This site is not where you want to post anything with the title “pro-ana,” “pro-mia,” or any other pro-eating disorder terminology, but you can get great tips simply from reading the forums and comments. You can also get great advice on other non-eating disorder aspects such as beauty.

Overall, myproana is a good site to use if you know how to use it correctly.Don’t make the community mad. Don’t post ‘tips/tricks.’ Do read through the sections as you will find much information on your question. Do help other members out and you will have a strong friendship with them.

I hope you all enjoyed,





3 thoughts on “My experience with myproana

  1. Hi, there..

    I was a member of MPA a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it grew to be so toxic that I wound up leaving. Some members are very kind, but others live to be cruel. Then, there are the elitist anorexics who create fat-bashing threads. This is one of the most disturbing aspects of the site, since, obviously, anorexia isn’t the only eating disorder. There were people justifying that kind of behavior by saying that as anorexics, “This is all part of our/their illness” or “They’re just hangry”.

    Lately, I’ve been considering rejoining the site because as my weight has dropped to underweight, I have fallen more deeply into my illness. I miss the feeling of not feeling as alone in my struggle, but I am skittish about throwing myself into the very same environment that caused me to leave. I also know that getting enmeshed in this community, again, will leave me with little to no time to do the things I should be doing to progress in my life. If I could find a less toxic site than MPA and monitor my internet time, that might be an option.

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