New Diet

Hello everyone,

I wanted to announce that starting tomorrow I am going to start (well try) a new diet. It’s a diet that I created for my own needs. At first, I wanted it to be meat, dairy, sugar, and grains free, but I realized that this is hard. It’s hard to eat like this because I’m not used to it and it also eliminates a lot of food. So I modified it to fit my needs. You can modify the diet to fit your own needs as well. I hope I can last long and lose weight fast.

Breakfast: Fruit or oatmeal/cereal w/ coffee and milk or tea. You can do any fruit or lower calorie oatmeal or cereal, whichever you want. For the caffeine, you can do coffee or black tea. You can use skim, light soy or unsweetened almond milk to add to your drink and zero calorie sweetener. I will be having my coffee with skim milk, sugar-free caramel or vanilla syrup, and Splenda.

Lunch: Salad with protein and healthy fat. You can use any kind of salad bag you want just as long as you only use the lettuce, nothing else. You need to add some form of protein: chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, fish, egg whites, tofu, beans, or veggie meat. For fat, you can add avocado or nuts. NOTE: Don’t add fat if you’re already having chicken, turkey, any kind of fish, or high fat vegan meat. You can use lemon to flavor your salad. To drink, you can have water, tea, Diet Coke, or your favorite diet drink. I will be having my salad with egg whites and avocado with Diet Coke.

Dinner: Protein and veggies. You can have any non-starchy veggies you want or you can have starchy veggies in moderation only a few times a week. For protein, you can have from the same list as for lunch. To drink you can have tea, Diet Coke, or your favorite diet drink. I will be having tofu with mixed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with tea and Splenda.

Snacks: Anything lower than 100 calories. Listen to your body as to what it needs. If you feel tired, you need energy. Have a non-fat yogurt, granola bar, or fruit. But you can also have nuts, deli meat, etc. Stay away from complete junk, though.

Drinks: water, tea, coffee, Diet Coke/diet drinks, milk (skim, light soy, light or unsweetened almond or cashew)

You can do a one day fast out of the week where you only consume liquids. You can consume any of the above liquids and because you are fasting you can make yourself a protein shake to make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals in. This is the only time that natural orange juice is allowed.

Hope you all the best,





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