Daily Food Journal

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted in a while especially my food log and I do apologize. I’ve just been so busy with school and life that I just haven’t had much time. So here is my food journal for today, enjoy!

Breakfast: skinny latte (95) and 1/3 cup lite orange juice (15): 110 calories.

Lunch: salad (80): 80 calories.

Dinner: tofu and veggies: 85 calories.

Snacks: strawberries and grapes: 40 calories.

Total calories: 315 calories. Pretty good!


Let me tell you all about my horrible day in a nutshell.

  • Someone from the high school I went to who was with me in an after school passed away last night. Died during an operation. Tragic news. First thing I woke up to, it broke my heart. This girl was in her last year of high school and had such a kind heart despite her disability. My prayers to the family; she is now an angel watching over us.
  • Class was horrible today. I was assigned to the most horrible group imagined. One of the kids is deeply disliked by the entire class and extremely socially awkward. Not to mention that he never stops talking even interrupts the professor. Another one who is much older than the rest of us who talks a whole lot without saying anything; everything he says is just repeated over and over and over again. He also has the most annoying voices in the history of annoying voices. Another one who contributed and agreed to what others said; he was actually helpful. The girl who wrote everything and just wanted to get stuff done, I could tell her frustration with the others. Another girl who kinda just sat back and went along. Then, me, who didn’t say one word. I had to sit 3 hours with members who wouldn’t stop talking but didn’t actually say anything important. I wanted to pull my hair out; this is the definition of torture.
  • My dad was in a horrible mood today.
  • I didn’t get to even hang out with my boyfriend after class (he left early and my stupid group hadn’t finished anything) or before class.
  • My boyfriend’s obsession with Taylor Swift is driving me insane. He would like pictures of her being sexy in a bikini. The fact that he’s into super tall, super thin anorexic, blonde hair and blue eyed chicks is a huge trigger. I have none of that. Literally, if she turns you on soooooo much go with her and DON’T expect sex with me. It’s hard for women to ever feel beautiful unless they have bodies that are as thin as she is. It’s triggering and makes me never want to eat again so I guess that’s the kinda good part.

Rant over.



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