Taylor Swift diet and exercise

For today’s post, I wanted to make a tribute to my favorite thinspo, Taylor Swift. This will be my first post for Thinspo Saturday. Each Saturday I will post a thinspo tribute to any celebrity, model, or well-known person. I will also be posting their diet and exercise routine so you guys can know what they are doing to get the body they have. Today’s thinspo will be miss pop star, Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift’s body. Her body is thin and toned. According to Healthy Celeb and Blogilates, Taylor Swift is 5’11 tall. Her weight is put somewhere between 110-130 pounds. I found most sources said 119 pounds.

Diet: Taylor likes to eat healthy during the weekdays and cheat during the weekends. She says that during the weekdays it’s all about the yogurt, salad, and healthy sandwiches. Taylor claims to eat about 1,200-1,500 calories a day. She says she eats egg whites and orange juice for breakfast. Lunch may be a sandwich or wrap. Dinner is usually pasta with fish or chicken. She also says she drinks a lot of water. During the weekends, she binges on burgers and fries, baked goods, and lattes. She also says she keeps orange juice, eggs, thinly sliced ham or chicken, Diet Coke, parmesan Reggiano cheese, and binge foods like cookie dough or cinnamon rolls in her fridge.

Fitness: Taylor exercises vigorously about 6 or 7 days a week. She says she does a lot of cardio. Whether it’s running, the treadmill, the elliptical, or the dance studio, she makes sure to get her daily cardio in. She workouts for about an hour each day and burns about 750 calories. Since her move to New York, Taylor has been working with Victoria’s Secret trainer Justin Gelband at ModelFit studios. She’s pictured leaving the gym with a perfect look, frequently. Gelband likes to focus on toning the body. He also promotes a low carb diet and no nuts, dairy, or grains. The only comment Gelband has made over her routine was the that he liked that Taylor always tries to do things perfectly.



 My final thoughts: I don’t think the princess of pop is being honest about what she really eat. There are some issues I want to point out. Firstly, Taylor hasn’t always been thin. She was a chubby girl. It wasn’t until she wanted to start her music career did Taylor get skinny. Through out her years of fame, her body has evolved. When she first started she was skinny-fat, then she started working out and gained some weight, then she got super skinny for her pop transformation, and now she’s slim and toned. I’m certain Taylor restricts to some degree. At one point, her friends said that she was taking ‘tips’ from her model friends and was living off of water and salads with only a little protein here and there because she was afraid to gain muscle. One thing I noticed is the fact that she heavily relies on caffeine. This signifies that she is not getting the energy she needs from food or carbs so her body tells her to grab the Starbucks (skinny caramel latte is her favorite) or the Diet Coke. Taylor is a role model and a perfectionist, she’ll never admit it but she tries hard to stay thin and be perfect. Overall, her body is a result of restricting, a lot of exercise, a busy and stressful schedule, and lots of pressure/body image issues.

The first 3 pics are of her 2013 Red era. Her legs look much meatier. The last 3 pictures are of her 2014/popstar era. She lost much weight and has a noticeable thigh gap now. The last one is of her 2015 1989 tour where she looks like she gained a little weight back.

2014 American Music Awards - Press Room





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