Ariana Grande thinspo

Hello everyone,

It’s Thinspo Saturday!!!!! 😀

Today’s thinspo is none other than the queen of impersonations and Tumblr thinspo, miss Ariana Grande. Ariana is only like the biggest pop queen right now, no big deal. Her voice is absolutely incredible and her thigh gap doesn’t fall short. I love her little legs and her ribs. She’s gorgeous and seems like a sweet girl. According to HealthyCeleb, Ariana is 5’1 and weighs 106 pounds. I found other sites said she was 5’2 and even 5’3, though. I also found other sites estimated her weight at 103-106 pounds. I think Ariana is within the 95-105 pounds range.

Diet: Ariana says that she now follows a vegan diet. She has said that she use to eat too much junk and red meat and that was not healthy for her. She said that she was inspired to go vegan because she really loved animals and that going vegan helped her stay healthy. After losing a significant amount of weight, Ariana was rumored to have an eating disorder. She quickly shut down those rumors and credited her weight loss to switching to a healthy vegan diet. Ariana says that she loves coconut water, fruits, veggies, salads, and nuts.

Fitness: Ariana says that she loves to stay active in her life. She likes hiking and walking with her dog. She goes to the gym often where she mostly focuses on cardio and loves the elliptical workouts. On top of this, she said that dancing in 5-inch heels is a high-calorie-burning, intense workout.

Mt final thoughts: I believe what Ariana is saying to a certain extent, though. Even though she denies it, Ariana did go vegan to lose weight not so much about animals. I say this because she has been caught wearing leather, UGGS, and eating donuts which are not vegan. Ariana has a lot of pressure on her to be bony thin especially since she receives a lot of attention from it. I think she might restrict. She’s confusing. She posted pictures of her which ana’s would post as thinspo and wears a red bracelet which either signifies ana or what she claims, religion. I think Ariana works hard to stay so thin, more than just vegan and walking her dog. One thing I know for sure is that she knows she is a trigger/thinspo and subliminally sends pro-ana messages.


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