Daily food journal

Today was essentially a recovery/normal eating day. I ate some oatmeal and coffee in the morning. I had some McDonald’s lol. I also had some chips and parfaits. I needed to give myself a cheat day. That’s exactly what my body told me so that’s what I did. I haven’t had McDonald’s in a while and I could only eat half my burger and my hash brown because I was literally not interested and I love burgers. I needed to recover emotionally and physically from my breakup. The last three days have been hell. I needed to have a recovery day. On the bright side, I’m talking to this guy and he’s helped me a lot get over my ex. He’s fun to talk to. I mean, he doesn’t mean anything right now, it’s way too soon, but he’s offering me a distraction and it’s working :D. I got some homework done too. Today was pretty good and I’m not as depressed as I was and I’m glad I took the day to eat what I wanted and let my body kinda recover from the breakup and breakup diet. I also want to stop and thank all you guys who have sent me positive vibes. You guys are the absolute best. I love posting on here and reading your comments and your positive vibes. So, thank you guys!



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