Healthy nail tips

Hello everyone,

For today’s post, I wanted to share some tips for keeping your nails healthy and strong. As women, our nails are very important to us. At the same time, we do so much damage with them with nail polish, fake nails, no routine, etc. Especially for ana’s, it is very important to keep our nails healthy because of our poor nutrition. We are especially vulnerable to dry, brittle and discolored nails. So here is my advice for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful. Enjoy!

  • Keep them short. I know most of you won’t like this, but it is important to keep ana nails short because they are prone to break. The shorter you keep them, the less likely they are to break off. Also, they’re easier to care for.
  • Vitamins. Vitamins are super important for our nails. The lack of vitamins can cause them to turn blue or purple and brittle. I recommend taking a Biotin plus keratin supplement and maybe an iron one if you need it. You can also take a prenatal vitamin instead of the iron.
  • Protein. I know this one might be tricky, but when you do eat make sure it’s protein. Protein is what makes up your nails so if you’re not eating enough, your nails are going to suffer. Protein keeps those nails strong. So make sure you include: chicken, turkey, egg whites, dairy, tofu, beans and lentils, and nuts and seeds in your diet.
  • Strengthening coat. You need to buy a strengthening coat for your nails. Not only will this make your nails stronger but it also protect them. Especially use this underneath your nail polish coat.
  • Oil. Nail oil is very important and very often neglected. Your nails need oil to keep them moisturized which is super important. This might be the reason why your nails look so brittle and dry. So put some nail oil on your nails.
  • Lotion. Lotion is also an important part for moisturizing your hands and nails. This is important because it will make them look and feel beautiful.
  • Fake it. If your nails are unhealthy and discolored from ana, just fake it. Either paint them or use fake ones from the store. For painting your nails, make sure you use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone or a moisturizing one.

Here you have it guys, beautiful healthy nails!

I know I haven’t posted in days and I’m so sorry for this; it’s just that so many things have been going on in my life right now. This week I have three papers and one group project and presentation and it’s a little crazy. Haven’t slept at that much at all, I haven’t eaten that much either. The last days I’ve basically lived on almost all coffee (very strong coffee) with a little food here and there, mainly when I got the chance to eat. My group project and presentation went horrible, I can’t even stand it. We did the second to worst and this because my group is lazy and doesn’t communicate at all. I hate the girl in my group, I HATE her. I got back with my ex just in case you guys wanted to know. So I’ve been busy with that too. But hey, I’m back guys!


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