Cara Delevingne Thinspo

Guess what day it is? It’s Saturday…Thinspo Saturday! Today’s thinspo will none other than Cara Delevingne. The former Victoria’s Secret model is absolutely stunning. She’s got everything going for her: a nice body, a good modeling career, beautiful face, an acting career and a funny personality. This girl has got it all. I honestly love her personality; she’s hilarious. I understand that she’s going through some emotional hardships right now and I wish her all the best!

According to Healthy Celeb, Cara is 5’8 tall and weights 112 pounds. Cara has since then gained some weight after she started her acting career. I think she’s more like 122-125 pounds now. She’s still relatively thin and makes awesome thinspo.

Her legs are so long! Such a beautiful girl


Diet: Cara has always claimed to be naturally thin and does not diet. As a matter of fact, she says that she likes McDonald’s and wanted to gain weight. Last year, she did admit that now that she’s getting older her diet of not worrying about what she eats is changing. She can’t eat what she wants anymore and still stay so thin. She’s also admitted to taking drugs and drinking a whole lot.

Fitness: Initially, Cara said that she doesn’t exercise. However, later she did say that she does some cardio a couple times a week. Her trainer focuses on lean protein and cardio.

My final thoughts: Unlike Taylor and Ariana, I actually believe a lot of what Cara says. I do believe that before Cara was just naturally thin. She’s also honest about her drug and alcohol problems. I think Cara ate what she wanted but she probably didn’t eat too much as the drugs, cigarettes and alcohol kept her busy and full. Her busy model schedule also kept her from eating. Also, I honestly do believe she’s naturally thin and eats what she wants. She has to be one of the most real celebrities out there and she’s always pictured eating, unlike Ariana and Taylor. Cara doesn’t care about what the public says anymore. The only thing that I would say is that her body looks a lot more fit now so I think she does a lot more exercise now. Her body is a result of eating some junk, doing drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol and a lot of exercise.


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