Daily Food Journal: Men prefer thin women

Hey everyone,

So here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Skinny latte (85)

Lunch: Salad (45)

Dinner: Tofu and veggies(85)

Snacks: Oranje juice (40), mixed fruit (50), Diet Coke (0), water (0), tea (0), and some gummy bears (idk).

Total: Around 350 calories. Pretty good.

I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookie dough for the longest so I might just end up drinking some fat-free hot chocolate with unsweetened almond milk (55) or just plain skim milk (105).

My food day was pretty good other than I’m super craving right now so I might just end up drinking the hot chocolate because I haven’t gone over 500 calories even with the skim milk so YOLO. Moving on to a quick personal update, I mentioned I got back with my boyfriend and I love it. Sometimes, though, he makes me mad. He doesn’t keep any of his promises, but he just can’t keep his mouth shut. I’m so tired of his comments (ones that I didn’t have to hear). Yes, I’m talking about all those porn, Taylor Swift, and today, killing animals. That just set me off, in my head. I’m pretty sure you guys have noticed that I love animals; I can’t see them get hurt. So, for him to make a remark about his family going to a place where they kill pigs publicly just offended me so much. There are some things I don’t want to know, you guys know what I mean? Keep your comments to yourself. Yesterday, he got so pissed at me for making a comment towards Taylor Swift (super skinny) standing next to her fat (super fat) fans and how I just thought it didn’t look nice. He literally went off. I made it as a small comment and it just got out of control. The sad truth ladies is that men prefer thin girls, even if they don’t admit it. He said that I was being rude and all and he just got super pissed. Yet, he’s a complete hypocrite. All the celebrities he likes (Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss) are all super tall and super thin. All the picture he likes on Instagram are of thin women like Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, and the other day I saw him like a picture of Paris Hilton (ewww). He is such a hypocrite! All these girls look exactly the same way: super tall, super skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes, and are tan (white girls too). I am none of the above, by the way. It upsets me that when I say something he can just get so mad but when he does it I’m being stupid or I shouldn’t take his idiotic comments seriously. Anyways, the fact of the matter is that men actually like thin, tall girls girl like Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss (and Paris Hilton eww). Sorry ladies, it’s a disgusting fact. Hey, it motivates us not to eat anything ever again and always be in heels. So, it’s good.


Please note that the real picture is the one on the right. Yes, the one with all those bones sticking out. They edited Karlie’s body to cover her bones.

Men want to see bones in bed, apparently. I managed to include some thinspo in my post for you guys too 🙂

Stay thin,




4 thoughts on “Daily Food Journal: Men prefer thin women

  1. It’s so true. Guys want bones. And what I think is the most annoying part about it, is that they want bones but they can be chubby. A guy doesn’t need to be super toned or perfect, but he still wants us to be. That’s how it is at my schol. So unfair.

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    1. Exactly! It’s unfortunate that in reality men like thin women! But the most disgusting part is that they don’t have to look a certain way. My boyfriend, for example, has a good sized belly going on. He’s bigger than me. Yet, all the girls he likes are super thin. If I was chubby, let’s face it, he wouldn’t have dated me. However, I still love him. It’s such a double standard, sexist issue.

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  2. omg so true, me and my atm boyfriend started dating while I was like more than recovered, seriously idk how it looked I just know I was really fat. I used to tell him that I need to lose weight and he kept telling me that I do not BUT OH WHAT A SURPRISE, since i have now lost more than 10kilos, everytime he touches my flatter belly or hipbones or whatever that’s a bit less fat than earlier he just compliments it all the time and tells me how much better I look. lol guys

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    1. Lol yes, it’s so true. Men can be huge triggers but they’re so confusing. “oh you look fine” *gets thinner* “oh now you look even better.” Who understand men? And then they say we’re the confusing ones? Lol

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