Daily Food Journal: I’m a perfectionist

Hey everyone,

I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I’ll tell you guys why in a bit. But here’s what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: skinny latte (85)

Lunch: Salad (50)

Dinner: Plain cheeseburger and small fries (800???)

Snacks: fruit bowl (50), 1/3 of a cupcake (idk), 1/3 of a chocolate chip cookie (idk), a bite of chicken, and 5 pretzels.

Total: 1,200??? IDK….too many :/

I was doing great until a group in my school came up to us to donate money to their bake sale to help people with disabilities and I couldn’t say no. I donated $1 but apparently, I could take two baked goods. I gave the majority to my boyfriend until he said I should have some so I did. Then, my parents bought me some Portillos. I mean honestly, I’m not too worried about my food intake because It’s about the average calorie intake for normal people on a diet between 1,200-1,500 calories. However, yesterday I had an emotionally hard day which is why I didn’t post. I’m sorry guys.

I’m a perfectionist; I like to get everything perfect and therefore, I don’t take criticism too well. I had to do a paper for my comm class and needless to say, she put two comments that were not the nicest. Yes, she didn’t make comments all over my paper like other students, but I didn’t get all high grades. This literally tears me because I am a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect for me. I’ve had a 4.0 GPA in college for the longest and I want to keep it that way. Today, I want to take the day off my political science class to do a lot of homework. I need to get my spirit up.

Also, during this class where we had to do present our papers, I heard some girl talking about me. The girl that I believe likes my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I always sit together and she never talks to me, only to him. She’s always in class making stupid jokes and my boyfriend, of course, loves her stupid blonde, white girl jokes. They honestly are not funny at all. Yesterday, was the limit, though. I heard her talking about me. She said I was “clingy” among other things. I don’t know if she knows that he’s my boyfriend but I don’t like her. She was ‘whispering’ things about me in the next table and I can’t take her anymore. Also, my boyfriends called me out during his presentation saying, “I hate when I ask my girlfriend, ‘what’s wrong?’ and she replies with, ‘nothing.’ This is the first time I felt that he doesn’t want to admit we’re dating while all the other times I felt wanted and he was happy to be with me. I feel that he denies me here.

End of rant!




4 thoughts on “Daily Food Journal: I’m a perfectionist

  1. Hey Liz,
    Sorry you’ve had such a hard couple of days. You’re right when you say that your binge today wasn’t too bad because let’s be real, we are like the Olympians of diets. Most people “diet” on 1200-1500 cals and most of them still have cheat days lol. I must admit it’s something I too struggle with. Today I had lunch with family out and before my diet I would always get my fav mango smoothie and some Indian or Chinese takeaway food for lunch. Well my “allowance” for lunch is 200cals max and today I went WAY over that. I tried to chose the best with what I could and so when my mother bought me a smoothie I said I’ve gotta go to the toilet and I went onto the companies website and found the lowest cal one lol. So I had a watermelon crush (220 cals) and then for lunch I said I’ll have sushi so I got 1 hand roll 230 & a seaweed salad (tastes really good and only 25 cals!) but still I’ve felt guilt this whole afternoon and I’m actually going on a second hike tonight to burn it off. I just can’t go to bed like this… 😕 I’m trying to say “you did the best you can, all I ate was healthy, etc” but most of what I ate was high carbs & the smoothie very high sugar and I don’t like those 2 things especially after my exercising in the morning when I burn it off! I know your a perfectionist, but let’s both try to be a little easier on ourselves ok! 😌

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    1. Thank you for all the support sweetheart 🙂 . I completely understand what you’re talking about the dieting and feeling guilty. We feel guilty when we eat a normal amount of food because it’s not how our brain functions. I’m sorry you feel like that :/ Also, I wish I had your motivation to exercise lol. Exercising is good for you. Yes, you’re right it’s important not to be too strict on ourselves and give ourselves some room to cheat. No one is perfect. Right? By the way, where did you get your sushi from? I’ve never had some :O


      1. Lol I get my sushi from a shop appropriately named “Sushi Sushi” haha! 😂 I think it might only be an Aussie thing..? Not sure. But seriously try seaweed salad! It’s amazing 200grams/7oz for 25cals and it tastes good to. I think it’s a mental dislike for most people, but I love it!! Oh and trust me I DO NOT like exercising, I couldn’t run to save my life! But just walking my dogs around the block a few times whilst blasting good music is ok. But then comes the great part, when I get home I see how many calories I’ve burnt and it just makes it all worth it!!

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        1. That’s great! I’ve never had of that place here in the US. Oh my, I tried seaweed chips before and I hated them lol. And I feel you, I hate exercising too. Then again burning calories is all worth it!

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