Daily Food Journal: Fast

Hello everyone,

As planned, today I had a fast. It went very well. All I had was water, black coffee, and Diet Coke. I might end up having some tea, but I’ll see if I don’t fall asleep before. I feel pretty proud of myself because I really wanted to eat. I really wanted some cookies and chips but I was able to control my hunger and I didn’t eat. I’m really proud of myself and I am going to continue fasting until I can. I also took my laxatives!

Today I went to class, worked on some homework, watched the Cubs game, and I watched a pretty scary movie. The movie is called #Horror and it’s about a horror story of cyber bullying. A group of 12-year-old girls get together for a sleepover and end up all alone in their friend’s house with no adult supervision. Let’s just say that these girls are little bitches. They spend the entire time on their phones, doing ‘girly’ activities, and making fun of each other. They are extremely cruel with each other. One of the girls is overweight and the others call her a ‘fat pig.’ They all make fun of each other to the extreme and they actually end up kicking a girl out because she’s being ‘too mean.’ The girl doesn’t take it well and has an emotional breakdown and then, she suddenly disappears. This is important because later, everyone starts to ‘disappear’ a.k.a die.

The movie wasn’t terribly scary, the scary part honestly was how cruel the girls were to each other. How on earth can they call each other friends? This reminds me of when I was severely bullied in middle school, that was not fun. The movie is unrealistic but the girls’ attitudes are very true. It’s on Netflix is you guys want to check it out.

Something happened that really touched my heart. One of the amazing people I met on here is no longer able to log on for personal reasons. I felt so horrible for her and I wish her the best! Also, I found out that some of you guys are going through some emotional hardships and I just wanted to let you guys know that you are not alone, we are all community and we are all here to help each other especially during these times.

Please take care sweethearts,

I love you all,




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