Kendall Jenner-diet, fitness, and thinspo

It’s Thinspo Saturday! I think this is starting to be my favorite day of the week now, what do you guys think? Thinspo just motivates you to do better, it’s triggering, it’s beautiful, it’s just amazing.

Today’s thinspo is the lovely, Kendall Jenner. Kendall is a beautiful model. She’s also the only Kardashian/Jenner I can stand. She got her modeling career thanks to her hard work. Kendall is beautiful, famous, thin, tall, and has an amazing career. I really do wish her the best in the modeling industry because I think she’s a hard worker and has the right mindset. She’s also always been a huge thinspo for me (next to Taylor, of course). I would have loved to see her in the squad.

Stats: According to Healthy Celeb, Kendall is 5’10 and weighs 130 pounds. I believe her height is accurate, but I think she weighs less. Probably more like 120 pounds, around there. She’s pretty thin.

Diet: Like Cara, Kendall says that she is naturally thin. She says that if she really wanted to, she could just eat anything and still look the way she does. But that’s not she functions. She says that she likes to eat healthy and workout for her modeling career. Her career is basically being half naked all the time, so she wants the toned tummy. Kendall says that she focuses on lean protein, fruits, veggies, and lots of detox tea. She eats a low-carb paleo diet. She also said once, that when a big show is coming up, she limits much more and drinks 10 cups of detox tea daily. She also gives herself room to cheat and eat some junk, sometimes. She says that she likes to starts her day with eggs, avocado, and oatmeal. She says she feels better when she eats better.

Fitness: Kendall says that she works out to look good for her photo shoots and runway shows. She wants to have a toned tummy when she’s working. Kendall says that she does some cardio and likes to go the gym often. She doesn’t talk too much about her routine but she sure does take lots of selfies of herself at the gym.

My final thoughts: I believe Kendall! Kendall is around my age and we watched her grow up, she was always very skinny and very tall. The fact that she ended up being a model, didn’t come as a shock at all. We’ve always known that she had the body for it since being just a little girl. Unlike Taylor and Ariana, Kendall is actually always being pictured eating and her bones are not sticking out. Kendall obviously eats and is just naturally thin. Just notice how her bones aren’t sticking out like Ari’s and Tay Tay’s even though, she is very small. I think she gets the motivation to workout and eat healthy from her career. I mean if I was being paid to have people take pictures of me half naked, I’d want to go the gym too. I don’t think she diets to the extreme either just follows the diet she said of lean protein, fruits and veggies, and no carbs. She looks like she exercises, but nothing to the extreme. I just think that before her big events, she definitely steps it out to look as thin as she can.

Thin but no bones



11 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner-diet, fitness, and thinspo

  1. Love you, this is exactly what I needed today! For me it’s Thinspo Sundays lol (I’m between 13-15 hours ahead of you depending where you are) good job on your fast day too. I just can’t successfully do it… Yet!

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    1. Thank you so much for all your support 🙂 and I’m glad my posts coup help you. Oh my, really? I’m from the Chicago suburbs so time might be a big difference lol. You can fast! Honestly, after the first hours, maybe the first day, you’re literally not hungry at all. You don’t even noticed you haven’t eaten lol.


      1. It just checked your 15 hours behind me!! Haha it’s 10.45am Sunday my time lol and it’s 7.45pm Saturday your time! 😂 what fast would you suggest. I know some people say newbies should do a juice fast first but I’m scared it will have more calories than if I do eat! Haha. Random other thing does chewing gum ever make you hungrier than you were before? Like the other day I wasn’t hungry but I had 0 cal chewing gum coz I was bored and as soon as I threw it away I was STARVING! Crazy right…!


        1. Oh my God! We’re that far away? Wow lol! Juice fasts are a good start, I’ve personally only did one for 48 hours. It’s called the Hollywood Miracle diet. It comes in a bottle with serving sizes and all but I don’t know if it’s just an American thing :/. But I do recommend liquid fasts, fruit and veggies fast or a cleanse. They’re easier to follow and don’t leave you completely deprived. And I don’t chew too much fun but whenever I do I just feel like it increases my cravings lol.


          1. We’re that far away, but on here only a second away lol! 😊 I’ll definitely check out the Hollywood miracle diet and see if it’s here in Australia… Our government is really tight about letting this sort of stuff into the country. Unfortunately the bad thing about being our own island and our own continent is that we don’t get very much choice. If fruit or veggies aren’t in season here in Australia you can’t get them because, the one thing you Americans export which I love is your TV & movies haha. I’d be soooo bored without Hollywood hehe


            1. Ahh the miracles of the Internet lol. Yeah, if they sell it over there it would be a good try. It’s not high calorie at all and it’s pretty good. Well, at least i liked it lol. Oh my really? They have restrictions on dieting stuff? That’s the great thing about living in America, you can get your hands in pretty much anything lol. You see here we just import our fruits and veggies that aren’t in season lol. Haha hey, at least our movies are good lol.


            2. Our government restricts A LOT of things! Dieting stuff is just the start of it. We don’t import any meat, nearly anything from an animal, medicines (that have been FDA approved for 10 YEARS!) so much. We import a little from “safe countries” but mostly we have nearly the same amount of land as America has, but we have nearly 24 million people so we are self sufficient. We have oil, metals, really anything you could need if WW3 ever breaks out we will be fine haha!


            3. Lol that’s the good thing, you don’t need anyone else to take care of you guys! We probably import a hell of lot, I don’t even know lol. What kind of dieting stuff do they legally let you have? Lol


            4. All we’ve legally got is green coffee bean extract, garcinia camboda (don’t know how to spell it lol), high dose caffeine, turmeric capsules, those replacement meal shakes (that are so high in carbs & sugar!), fibre capsules, lol it’s all pretty basic and pathetic! And coz we are an island you can’t sneak things into the country easily. Mostly overweight ppl are either told to eat 1500 cal diet and exercise for 30 mins 3 times a week or they are given gastric surgery. For those who aren’t in that level of fatness they usually send you to a nutritionist who are all talk and if you do see results it 18 months later! Who’s got time for that crap…? Not me 😊😂 I’ve been searching google for prescription meds that as a side affect cause weight loss but a lot of them are really risky (like they are for epilepsy) I don’t want that. I’ve been thinking about getting back onto Ritalin coz I do have ADHD and was on it as a child & of course Ritalin helps with weight loss so it’s a win-win… Now to find a doc to prescribe it lol 🙏 haha


            5. Oh gosh lol! In America, if you’re fat you’re normal lol. Almost everyone here is overweight or obese lol. As a matter of fact, some even embrace. We’re pretty screwed up lol. Oh wow! I’ve never had any kind of prescription pills so I really can’t say anything there lol. You know, I should use the fact that we have so much weight loss stuff to my advantage and start trying some other stuff out lol

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