Social media-yay or nah?

Hey lovelies,

I was just wondering if I should make a social media account for this blog? If I did would anyone even follow? Also, I definitely don’t want to be found on there by anyone I know and I’m sure you guys don’t either. I don’t know what I should make either. Twitter is probably a lot easier so I won’t get caught. I can just use my nickname and there are so many people named Liz that no one would know. I already created an email address just dedicated to this blog and I’m using that one. Instagram and Facebook are going to be hard, though. I have a Twitter right now guys it’s @lifesstruggle18. So, follow me on Twitter guys! If it works out, I’ll keep it and I’ll be pretty active and if it doesn’t well…..I’ll think about it later lol. What do you guys think?

Thanks for the feedback guys!



2 thoughts on “Social media-yay or nah?

  1. instagram has a lot of constantly being reported issues so I’d go private if you used that and use this website to get people who wanna follow it, but yeah, insta is really good, especially for quick thinspo

    Facebook is mainly a conversation/messaging place, too personal I reckon 😛

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