Hey lovlies,

Today I just wanted to post a brief update about what’s going on in my life since I haven’t posted in a few days. Well, I sure as hell haven’t been having fun. I have a ton of school work because the semester is almost over. I have a group project where I’m the only one doing any of the work which really sucks. My boyfriend is being a real pain again. Yesterday he just pissed me off so much; he’s just so inconsiderate. Today though, was the worse. He dared to yell at me in public! This was so embarrassing. Why did he yell at me? Because I asked him if we could work on homework. Yup, that’s correct. He yelled at me in front everyone and said, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO WORK ON!!!” He later said, “I did nothing wrong,” after I asked him to apologize to me. Yup, he’s a real jerk. I want to keep him around just so I can hurt him now. Now, I’m so done with him after he did this. I’m going to try to keep him around just so I can cheat on him or something. I want to hurt him for all those times he hurt me. Yesterday he even dared to judge my physical appearance. He use to never yell at me and when he was wrong, he’d say sorry. He just to call me beautiful and he use to care about my feelings, now he doesn’t. He’s turned into a monster. I can’t deal with this anymore.

Bye lovlies,



Be prepared sweetheart



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