Karlie Kloss diet and fitness secrets and thinspo

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing fantastic!

It’s thinspo Saturday and guess who’s going to featured today? You might have guessed by reading my last post: miss Karlie Kloss. Karlie is a former model and Victoria’s Secret Angel. Karlie is also from Chicago (hey that’s where I am). She’s a super tall lady and a member of Taylor Swift’s squad. She’s stunning and a very smart girl. Also, check out her YouTube channel: Klossy. It’s absolutely amazing!

Let’s get down to business now. According to Healthy Celeb and Karlie Kloss herself, Karlie is 6’1. Yeah, she’s a little tall; just a little. Healthy Celeb says that Karlie weighs 126 pounds, but I read anything between 126-128 pounds. This would put Karlie at a bmi of around 16.6-16.9. These weights are completely inaccurate. I can believe that she weighed thisĀ  when she was doing runway modeling years ago. However, nowadays Karlie has gained some weight back on especially since it’s all muscle, I believe she’s no less than 140-145 pounds. She’s bigger than Taylor now.



I’m in love with this girl’s pose

Diet: Karlie claims to eat a healthy vegetarian diet. She eats a very clean diet in which she only allows healthy, natural foods. She says that she tries to make sure she eats enough protein and fruits and vegetables. Karlie says that breakfast is very important and she makes sure to keep it light and healthy. She starts her day with either a smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk, chocolate protein powder, one banana, and one cup of blueberries or an egg white omelet, she also loves porridge, or she’ll eatĀ  yogurt with fresh fruit. Karlie says that she’s a huge snacker and always carries snacks in her purse. She loves almonds, apples, dark chocolate, oatmeal packets, and her favorite, Karlies Kookies. These cookies were made by Karlie and contain all natural ingredients. Karlie also says that she loves (healthy) baking, almond milk lattes, kale salads, and avocado. She said that she use to eat whatever she wanted (especially unhealthy Midwestern foods) when she was young but now that she’s older, she has to eat healthy and it makes her feel good. One thing she says that she is afraid of is white sugar. She never uses it to cook.

Fitness: Karlie says that she does everything under the sun to stay fit. A former ballet dancer, Karlie loves to dance especially ballet to stay fit. Karlie says that she loves to mix it up and does everything: cardio, weights, resistance training, spinning, yoga, pilates, running, biking, everything. She says that she likes to go to the gym at least 5 times a week and doesn’t like to take more than one day off. The girl basically lives at the gym or working out. She is currently working with personal trainer, Justin Gelband at ModelFit studio. She’s had a personal trainer since she was 19 years old. Karlie says that working is very important to her and she loves it!



She works out a lot and she has muscles so Karlie must be healthy, right? BUT THEN…..


I remember this Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Victoria’s Secret looked like they added way too much tanner, bronzer, and makeup to cover up Karlie’s sunk in cheek bones. If you look closely, she looked emaciated this year

My Final Thoughts: Karlie is not lying about the amount of work she does to stay so fit. I always see Karlie going to the gym. The paparazzi catches her going to the gym almost every day. I’m sure Karlie works extremely hard to get her muscles. I also believe that she eats super clean and healthy. Her YouTube channel, Klossy, is her showing us how to bake extremely healthy and she actually licks the spoon and eats what she makes. Now, Karlie looks healthy, fit, and eats extremely clean. Karlie probably eats too clean and workout out too much. I think she’s under a lot of pressure going from model to celebrity, she’s heavily in the public eye and tries so hard to please everyone.

HOWEVER, I believe Karlie use to starve herself. I’m sure Karlie is naturally thin to some extent, but she started noticing her body at a young age. She was a ballet dancer from a young age, so from a young age, Karlie was taught that she had to be as thin as possible. When she got into modeling, being pin thin, dieting, starving, working out excessively, getting no sleep, and being perfect all came natural to her at this point. If you notice, she was super thin when she did runway and in the beginning of her Victoria’s Secret career. Later on, she gained weight and got super fit and healthy. I’m positive Victoria’s Secret asked her to gain weight and look healthy and. After those pictures and criticism, Victoria’s Secret could not afford the media to suspect Karlie had an eating disorder, too much bad publicity for that brand. Ever since, Karlie gained weight and looks super healthy and fit.

I see a very thin, bony, emaciated girl with tons of makeup.

Karlie looked a lot healthier in the last pictures!



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