Daily food journal: Am I racist?

Hello loves,

I hope you are all doing fantastic. I just wanted to make a quick post about what I ate and how my day was today since I haven’t active much last week.

Breakfast: skinny latte (85)

Lunch: salad (45)

Dinner: veggie burger (70) and veggies (30): (100)

Snacks: water, Diet Coke, fruit (50)

Total: 280 calories-Great!

My eating plan was pretty good. Overall, I had a good day too. I went to class, I slept, the usual. I didn’t do homework, I’m slacking big time.

Anyways, on to the big thing that happened. I was telling my boyfriend that an African American woman got fired at my dad’s work because she was caught stealing on camera. I told him that minorities are often times, idiots. Everyone, please note that I am a minority. There are a lot of stereotypes that African Americans are gangbangers, drug dealers, etc. Same thing goes to other minorities like latinos. I hate the fact that I see way too many minorities going to jail, getting caught for petty stealing, etc because we make those stereotypes come true. We should be proving them wrong! We have it twice as hard as Caucasians because we are stereotyped to be criminals. Are they criminals just like us? Of course, they are. They sell just as many drugs, steal as much money, etc. The difference is that they are not stereotyped to do so. Is it fair? Absolutely not. Is it life and do we have to deal with it? Unfortunately, yes. It just makes me mad because these few individuals ruin it for the entire race. “Every black guy is a criminal.” “All Mexicans are illegal and drunks.” Etc. My parents are a minority and we have never engaged in any criminal activity other than speeding (driving). However, of course, we have to be ‘criminals.’ My boyfriend said I was a damn racist. Am I racist for thinking like this? I don’t think so but I don’t know.



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