Daily food journal: life learning binge

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on what I ate and what I did today, sorry If it’s so late at night.

I had a complete binge today. It was pretty bad. I started off okay in the morning but in the afternoon, I ate chips, cookies, chocolates, McDonald’s, then I made cookies and I ate them. I ate too much today!

The last thing I ate, the cookies, helped me realize something. At this point, I felt so sick. I had eaten too much not out hunger but just to binge. I was too stressed from doing homework so I took a break and that’s when the binge came on but it didn’t stop until the cookies. All the sugar, oil, and fat I had eaten really caught up to me when I was eating the cookies. I felt super sick and gross. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. I felt like throwing up so badly.

That’s when I realized something: I felt so unhealthy. All that junk food that’s supposed to help me feel better and less stressed made me feel worse both mentally and phsically. Junk food is so gross and fattening. It makes you feel sick and sluggish. We need to stop eating this: I NEED TO STOP EATING THIS CRAP.

That’s why I am vowing to stick to a healthier diet without binging. Fried foods, utter junk foods, meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, gluten, and all these foods are weighing my system down. I should be eating mostly natural foods like fruits and veggies. It’s impossible to be 100% healthy but I will try my best.

I’m so glad this happened to me because I’m finally starting to realize what this crap does to my body and I need to change. Tomorrow, I’m thinking of fasting to get rid of all this crap. I also want to go to the store and pick out healthier foods. I mean coffee and Diet Coke aren’t going anywhere but I can’t live like this anymore.

I’m going to clean up the mess I made but after I’m done I will get back to doing homework or I’ll just go to sleep.

Goodnight loves,



Makes sense




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