My experience with a vegan diet

Hello loves,

I’ve noticed that I’ve never made a post about this so, today I just wanted to share with you guys about mt experience with a vegan diet. Please note that the way I ate vegan was rather restrictive. That being said, I’m positive you can get a more nutritious and exciting experience if you eat a more varied diet.

This diet was inspired by Jenna Marbles and her diet and exercise video. Check it out here. While I did not follow her exact diet, I did something similar. I ate like this for a few weeks a couple of years ago and recently, I tried eating like this again.

The diet plan:

Breakfast: A fruit smoothie or a piece of fruit with coffee and creamer/sugar. My fruit smoothie usually consisted of frozen mixed berries, a banana (sometimes), spinach, sometimes protein powder or chia seeds, and lite orange juice or peach juice or unsweetened almond milk.

Lunch: A salad with tofu or beans.

Dinner: Steamed veggies with tofu or a veggie burger or beans or vegan soup.

Snacks: Fruit, veggies, nuts. Sometimes I ate them with hummus or peanut butter.

While I didn’t count calories, I probably was eating around 600-800 maybe 900 if I added peanut butter that day.

My experience

Taste wise, I hated this diet. I hate beans and I despise tofu with all my might. I had to force myself to eat the protein, I hated these foods so much. That being said, it was super hard to keep up this diet because I hated the way the food tasted. I was miserable and I had extreme cravings, in the beginning.

However, no diet has ever made me feel as good as this one. I had so much energy and my body felt so good. I never felt sluggish and I felt light, clean, and healthy all the time.

As far as weight loss, I can’t say. Because I didn’t follow this diet for a long period of time, I can’t really say whether it works or not. However, I did lose weight on it. Maybe it was water weight, but I did lose some weight.

Do I recommend this diet? Yes and no. I highly recommend this diet to those who like tofu and beans because you need to eat these foods as they are your main source of protein. You don’t have to count calories because these foods are already low-calorie.

I don’t recommend this diet to those who hate these protein foods. Also, this diet might be tricky for anas. First, vegan diets all leave out a very important vitamin: B12. Now, you see how this can be a problem for a vegan ana. If you are already restricting, you want to make sure you eat as many nutrient dense foods as you can. This vegan diet makes it harder to get in your B12 and therefore, can cause you some even more serious deficiencies that a regular ana. Also, all these protein foods have a lot of fat. Yes, healthy fat but still fat. If you’re like me, you hate the word fat and are terrified to eat it. Tofu has fat, nuts are high in fat and calories, peanut butter and hummus are high in fat, you get the idea. This can also make it even more difficult to get your protein in. Anas, we already know how hard it is to get protein in and this is just going to make it harder.

Am I going to continue this diet? No. If I’m going to restrict I’d rather it be on low-calorie, yummy protein foods that include B12. I’d rather follow a vegetarian diet or omnivore diet that includes egg whites (fat-free, B12, protein, low-cal, and yummy), fat-free Greek yogurt (fat-free, B12, protein, low-cal, and yummy) and maybe even tuna (very low-fat, full of protein, B12, lower calorie, and it’s yummy).

That’s just my experience, everyone is different. Try it and tell me how it goes!





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