Updated safe foods list and the ana food pyramid

Hey loves,

I Just wanted to give you guys an updated safe foods list. Enjoy!

I know that my safe foods change often lol but I think it’s just how my mind works. I’m constantly trying to figure out the ‘right way’ to eat and I’m starting to notice something: there is NO such thing. There is not ‘right way’ to eat. What works for me may not work for you. Not everyone can be a vegan not everyone can follow a paleo diet.

That being said, please don’t fall for all th dieting market crap. “Oh, this heavily processed bar that costs $7 and filled with tons of calories is going to help you lose weight because it’s low-carb.” “This vegan bacon is going to help you lose weight because it’s vegan.” This is typical diet market strategy to get you to buy their crap. These foods cost a lot more and they’re filled with calories. Please don’t fall for this!

Use common sense guys. We all know the foods that are low-calorie and good for us versus the ones that are not good. Of course, we can’t all be organic vegan health freaks because we don’t have that kind of money but we can surely pick the foods that are low in calorie, good for us, and cheaper.

My safe foods don’t really have a lot of logic to them but I do follow a general ideology. I categorize my foods in the vitamins/minerals pile, the protein pile, drinks pile, and the miscellaneous pile. I’m terribly afraid of fat right now, even healthy fat.

These are my current safe foods:

  • Most fruit. I especially love bananas, apples, and oranges (peaches when they’re in season). The exceptions are coconuts and avocados.
  • Most vegetables. I eat tons of salad, baby carrots, celery sticks, broccoli, and cauliflower. I stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes.
  • Egg whites.
  • Non-fat Greek yogurt.
  • Non-fat cottage cheese.
  • Beans.
  • Veggie burgers. (The original vegan Boca brand only)
  • Tuna.
  • Sugar-free fruit and applesauce cups.
  • Miso soup and other light veggie soups.
  • Splenda.
  • Sugar-free syrups and coffee creamer.
  • Seasonings/flavorings.
  • Water.
  • Tea.
  • Coffee.
  • Diet Coke.
  • Light orange juice.
  • Skim milk.
  • Light lemonade.
  • Fat-free hot chocolate.
  • Zero Powerade. Purging. Recovers electrolytes.
  • Protein powder.
  • Zero calorie cooking sprays.
  • Veggie broth.

Semi safe:

  • Avocaods and starchy veggies.
  • Shrimp. Super high in cholesterol but delicious.
  • Nuts.
  • Spreads like peanut butter, hummus, guacamole.
  • Some grains like 100 calorie packets of oatmeal, bran flakes, granola bars (these especially when my blood sugar levels are low).
  • 100 calorie bags of any snack food out there.

Binge/fear foods:

  • Cookies.
  • Cookie dough.
  • Chips.
  • Baked goods.
  • Nuts.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Meat and poultry-mostly fear.
  • Grains-fear.
  • Fast food.
  • Burgers and fries (huge binge food, my favorite food of all time).
  • Regular soda/drinks.
  • Cheese.
  • Ice cream.

That’s all I have today.



What a healthy omnivore diet looks like

What a healthy vegan diet looks like

What an ana diet looks like:

Makes sense-lol


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