Update-stupid people on a diet, Taylor Swift weight gain

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t posted recently so I wanted to make a quick post about how I’ve been doing.

I’ve been absolutely terrible lately. I’ve been doing nothing but bingeing and I think I gained. I’m too afraid to weigh myself. After losing 10 pounds not too long ago, I feel absolutely terrible and disgusting. I’m so ashamed.

Tomorrow will be good, though, I promise. Tomorrow just has to be good. I was doing so good before and now I’m on terrible binges. I think it’s because I’m out of school. When I’m in school I’m usually busy. Whether I’m in class, studying, or working on homework, I’m busy. Now, I’m bored out of my mind so I binge. Time to change that!

Wish me luck ladies!

Also, I’ve been reading some really stupid things online that I have literally almost died of a heart attack brought on by laughter and anger. People have no idea how to lose weight, they’re idiots.

Yesterday, I read a post that said that paleo diets work because that’s how the bible and God said we should eat. Today, I read that some chick wanted to go on a diet so she ordered a double bacon cheeseburger and asked if she should get the fries since she’s on a diet. Then, she claimed she was fat and said that the damn carbs were making her fat. So, she took off the bread and ate the bacon and meat. She’s such a genius. Also, I read a post where the woman claimed that her scale was making her fat because she’s too obsessed. So, she decided to destroy it and used a picture of Taylor Swift from the “Blank Space” music video to show her frustration with the scale and promote throwing away the scale. How dare you use a picture of miss perfect Taylor Swift when she’s all bony to say that the scale is making you fat. Maybe, Taylor eats very little food and exercises. Try it, it’s a miracle!

On the last note, I think Taylor has gained weight. I never really noticed until someone pointed out so I took a deeper look at this. Yes, Tay Tay has indeed gained some weight. She looks a lot more healthy now. It makes sense. She’s taking it easy now that she doesn’t have to promote an album, is on tour, etc. 1989 was huge so she had to make sure she looked the part as well. Good luck Taylor!




Goodnight loves, tomorrow is a new day,

Liz ❤


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