Daily Meal Plan-no sports, and product reviews??

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my intake log today. Enjoy!

Breakfast: skinny latte (85)

Lunch: salad w/ lemonade (55)

Dinner: veggie burger with veggies (95)

Snacks: strawberries (30), carrots w/hummus (60), non-fat Greek yogurt (80), 2 granola bars (180)

Total: 590 calories. Not my lowest but not too bad.

Nothing much at all going on in my life at the time. Today my dad cancelled some TV channels to reduce his bill but it sucks because he took off all the sports channels (we already only had a few) which I love. This really sucks and I’m gonna have to talk to him about it tonight because I can’t miss tomorrow’s game.

Also, I’ve been watching lots of reviews of products and I thought that would be a great addition to this blog!

Goodnight loves,



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