Playtex Sport Review

Hey loves,

As promised, I am going to be reviewing some of the products that I have used and how they have worked (or not) for me.

The first product I am going to review is one I personally love and use on a regular basis: Playtex Sport tampons. (Hey, a lot of us are ladies here)

Packaging: The packing of the product is pretty cute. The packaging does make sure to target women in sports, however, the product is suitable for anyone. Playtex Sport comes in regular, super, and super plus. The multi-packs they are offer include lights and regulars, regulars and supers, regulars/supers and liners, and regulars/supers and pads. You can 18 of these tampons in a box or buy the 36 tampons a box. They also come in scented and unscented.

Each individual tampon looks exactly like the one above (with their respective absorbencies). The packet is easy to open, just pull down the two tabs and bam! Also, it’s incredibly quiet. Definitely quieter than other tampons.

The applicator is a plastic one and has a really good solid round tip. It’s easy to insert. The applicator is also very reliable and won’t ever come apart.

The tampon itself is tiny, rocket ship shaped that expands 360 degrees.

My experience: It’s a great product! I have a very heavy flow and this product works great! The tampon itself is very absorbant; the most absorbant that I’ve ever tried. It’s also incredibly comfortable. As long as you are using the right absorbency, you will have no isse at all taking it out. The applicator is also easy to insert. It’s quiet, easy to remove and insert, very absorbant, and a great quality product. Overall, I highly recommend this product! I love them!




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