Daily Food Journal,thinspo, was she too thin?

Hey girls,

I’m so sorry for not posting much content, I have been pretty busy. I’m just gonna briefly tell you guys what I ate today, first:

Breakfast: iced skinny latte (85)

Lunch: salad (45)

Dinner: nonfat Greek yogurt (80)

Snacks: banana (90), 1 tablespoon of peant butter (90), one piece of broccoli and one piece of a cookie (???).

Total: about 400 calories. Pretty good, loves.

Recently, I’ve been really into baking and vegan food. I really want to go fully vegan but I have to take it step by step. I have to change my taste buds to enjoy vegan food. My goal is to one day be a full vegan. I’m going to need all the luck and support I can get lol.

Also, I have a baking surprise for you guys tomorrow……I think you guys will love it! I was going to make it today but I ran into some issues……but I got everything figured out and ready for tomorrow.

Last note, I know I didn’t post my Saturday Thinspo (sorry, don’t hate me please) so, today I’ll make a quick post. I’ve been watching a lot of America’s Next Top Model lately so, my thinspo for today will be Anamaria cycle 15. Enjoy!

Anamaria is 5’10 and said that she weighs 110 pounds. She said that she went from 135 to 110 and was on a calorie-restricted diet. She was eliminated for being ‘too thin.’ What do you guys think, was she too thin? I believe it was a very unfair elimination. She’s very thin but not anorexic or unhealthy. It’s the modeling industry!!! Everyone looks like this!



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