Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris break up-New album on the way?

Hey loves,

Today, I just wanted to talk about something that has been trending: the Taylor Swift and Clavin Harris breakup. You guys know that I love Tay Tay and I just had to write this.

As you all probably heard already, Taylor Swift and Clavin Harris broke up after 15 months of dating. Calvin broke up with her and tweeted, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.”

While the exact reason behind their breakup can only be speculated, there has already been a lot of talk…..talk about Taylor’s new album.

Yes, now that the couple is no longer together, of course, we have the “Taylor’s new album coming up,”Taylor’s new song is coming up,”Calvin just wrote Taylor’s new album,” etc.

While I hate being called a ‘swiftie’ or anything of the obsessive fanatic type, I am still much of a Taylor Swift fan and I must say that I react to these comments much differently than her other fans.

In the beginning, I got upset and went off on all this slut-shaming and feminism rant, but that’s not how I see it now.

Of course, that’s the comments we’re going to get. It’s just like any other celebrity. Celebrities live in the public eye which means they are subject to public criticism, it’s the expense of fame. She’s not the first celebrity that the public has made fun or will she be the last. It’s not because they’re sexist or slut-shamers or anything, it’s because she’s a celebrity and people need a laugh of them. They’re entertainment.

Also, as much as I love Taylor’s music and her skinny body, there is some truth to this. She dates lots of guys to break up with them so she can write good quality lyrics and she’s good at this. Nothing wrong this. Her last album and tour got her 250 million dollars. Heck, if I was getting paid $250 million dollars per guy I slept with, you bet your ass I would be having sex with as many guys as I possibly can. It’s all about money!

Don’t look at the breakup in a negative light, look at the positives. Her next album is probably going to huge, she’s going to make millions of dollars, she’s going to win tons of awards, and I’m positive she’s going to start starving herself again and get super skinny again, and we get some high- quality lyrics and an amazing album to jam out to. So, who really wins here? It’s Calvin’s loss. He just broke up with the biggest popstar in the world, he’s going to get hated on so much (thankfully, his publicists told him to make that tweet).

So swifties, let the haters hate hate hate and we’ll just shake it off. P.S. the more you continue to respond to these comments, the more you keep fueling the hastags and the negative comments.

Taylor, keep your head up and good luck girl! Much love ❤



Excited for the new album and Taylor’s skinny body again!!!


Click to view full size image

Taylor, work on getting back to this triggering bod!!! Ana is here for you 🙂




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