No one cares

Hey everyone,

I know I have written in a while so I am back with a quick post.

Today’s post will be a little different. Even though I hate talking about my feelings and I don’t want to bore you guys, I’m going to express them.

Long story short, lately I have been feeling like no one cares. I feel so lonely. I have no friends. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a month and he hates visiting me. No one cares about me or my feelings. I have social media accounts and the only time people interact with me on there is when they disagree with my tweet or my post. That’s why I don’t use social media anymore. They only use it to insult me when I share anti-SeaWorld posts or something they don’t like. That’s about the only interaction I ever get from people that aren’t my family. Nothing positive. Never a, “You look pretty,” “I agree with you,” nothing. They hate me. Never even comment to say happy birthday even though I comment on everyone’s birthday. They hate me. Everyone hates me. I hate everyone. No one cares. If I died, no one notice. No one would care.

I hate my life! This life is the only one I have. This addiction to food is the only one I can fall back on.

End of rant.





2 thoughts on “No one cares

  1. Darling, are you Ok? Silly question. Life will get better, I promise. You say you have family, what are they like? Can you talk to them? I hope you have something positive (like a hobby?) to focus on while you wait fof life to improve, cos it will! xx

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    1. Thank you for the support and positive vibe I really appreciate all that right now 🙂 And no I really don’t have anyone to talk to but I’ll be fine. I’ve never has friends or close family members so I’m use to being lonely but thank you so min for your support and snowing me that someone does care 🙂

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