Pro-ana and pro-mia clarified/revival of the pro-ana community

Hey guys,

Today I want to write about a sensitive topic that I see quite often now. Even though, it is not my intention  to offend anyone, this is a sensitive  and strongly opinionated issue and debate so please read at your own risk.

I wanted to give some ‘clarification’ to what ‘pro-ana’ means and shed light to the ‘pro-ana’ community.

First, let’s start off by saying what pro-ana is. Pro-ana is a community that is a pro-anorexia and pro-mia is a pro-bulimia community. For those who don’t know, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are both mental disorders/eating disorders. Anorexia is a state in which the sufferer starves themselves or severely restrcits their food intake. Bulimia is a state in which the sufferer continuously binges (eats a very large amount of food) and purges through self-induced vomiting, laxative/diuretics abuse, or over-exercise. Most people suffering from an eating disorder have poor self-esteem and body image issues along with other seriuous mental/personal issues.

Now, you may be thinking, “why on earth would anyone want to be pro-ana or pro-mia?” well, I have the answer: THEY DON’T. Listen up because this is what seperates the pro-ana community from anorexics and bulimics: YOU CAN’T JUST BECOME ANOREXIC OR BULIMIC. It’s a mental disorder just like depression or multiple personality disorder or anxiety, it is a mental disorder that you can’t just develop. People who suffer from these issues are suffering from more than just “I want to be skinny,” their issues just manifest themselves in these delusions and eating patterns. Just like cutters. Most cutters are depressed and they deal with this by cutting.

Now, the pro-ana community divides themselves into two groups (in my opinion). The people who have a serious eating disorder/mental disorder but don’t want to recover or want a support group to keep doing what they’re doing and the people who take ‘dieting’ too far in order to lose weight and be skinny.

They’re is a lot of criticism of the second group of pro-anas. People believe they are promoting a mental illness but let me explain why this is not the case. A lot of these people are just plain old dieters who watch their food intake just like the rest of the dieters or health addicts in this world, just take it a little far. They’re not necessarily struggling with a mental issue and therefore, can’t be promoting a mental illness they don’t have. To us, it’s a lifestyle diet. Just like veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, low-carb, etc. They’re just people on a diet-a lifestyle diet. Most people on a diet do not have the serious mental issues associated with an eating disorder and neither do we.

I remember a long time ago, back when I was in middle school (like 8 years ago, yes, I’m old) the pro-ana community was very strong. I use to log on to hundreds of websites and they were amazing. It was  not considered a ‘pro-anorexia’ community but rather a pro-ana dieting and lifetyle community. They’re were so many support websites, it was incredible. However, they started to slowly disappear and get banned or taken down. This was so upsetting because I feel like the pro-ana community was stronger than ever and this is when it collapased and become seen as an ‘evil’ thing or a taboo. You young girls, missed out on the most epic rise and top pro-ana community. I wish we could bring than back. Now, they’re just the random website that hasn’t been active in like 5+ years that took you ages to find or these small blogs. Back then there were dozens of pro-ana websites. My favorite was one that had a chat (it was taken down). I loved it because I could chat with people all over the world. Can we just bring that back without the criticisms? Let’s revive the pro-ana community!

I’m tired of all the criticism that the pro-ana community receives. Let us live our lives and eat how we want. We are not promiting anorexia nervosa, a serious and possibly fatal mental disorder, we are on a pro-ana dieting lifestyle.

Leave us alone!

Thank you and I hope this helped for all fo you to understand the pro-ana community better.






6 thoughts on “Pro-ana and pro-mia clarified/revival of the pro-ana community

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    1. Having an eating disorder is no gift. As you pointed out, it’s a serious mental disorder that can have health devastating effects. Also, if the second question is directed towards me, no, I haven’t discovered I can’t have kids. That’s because I can have kids.


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