Update-I went to Detroit this weekend

Hey guys,

I just wanted to make a quick update of what’s been going on in my life. Also, I know I didn’t make a thinspo Saturday post and I’m so sorry.

So, over the weekend I was out of the state of Illinois. Yes, I actually went out. I hoped along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin and went to Detroit where all my other family that stayed here last week were. I’m happy I went 🙂

The car ride sucked. On average, it’s about a 4/5-hour drive from Chicago to Detroit depending on your speed, weather conditions, traffic, stops, etc. The ride over wasn’t extremely long about 4 hours, we didn’t really stop. However, on the way back there was a ton of traffic and we took a lot more because the traffic was insane. It was extremely hot and we stopped at McDonald’s to eat.

My stay over there was really fun, though. On Saturday we had a party for the little kids and there was tons of food and it just a lot of fun. We have A TON of family. Too much family to know everyone and our parties are HUGE. There were tons of kids running around the yard, it was a little insane but very fun.

I got to hang out with my two cousins who acre around my age and I actually liked it. They were really engaging with me and I didn’t feel left out or anything 🙂

On the first night, I couldn’t sleep because we had to sleep on an inflatable mattress and it was extremely hard and uncomfortable, oh well. On the second night, I went over to sleep with my other cousin and I got to sleep in an actual bed with her two boys, I fell asleep in no time. The boys and my cousin and her husband were so happy for me to stay there and actually wanted me to stay for a whole week this weekend. They offered to pick me up and take me but I don’t know. First, my food log would be insane. Then, I would feel so bad that they have to come and pick me up (a five-hour drive) and then take me back to Chicago. I would just feel so uncomfortable. I’ll let you guys know what happens with that.

Overall, I had a lot of fun this weekend even though, I ate like an obese cat. lol.



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