Models and celebrities actual weight

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I just want to briefly talk about an issue I’ve been seeing on MPA and it’s about celebrities and model’s actual weights. I’ve seen so many weights being thrown at different celebrities and some seem unbeliveable. I think most people either overestimate or underestimate celebritie’s weights. Normal people look at celebrities and consider them “very thin” because they’re use to seeing super fat people as average or normal so, a person who’s on the lower end of the healthy scale like celebrities appear ‘too thin.’ Because we are obsessed with our thinspos, we seem as perfect which makes us underestimate their weight too. We want them to be extra tiny because we have a disordered way of thiking. We compare ourselves to our thinspos and see them as super thin and us fat even if this is not the case. The media tends to put thin celebrities at super low weights to make it seem like they have a ‘problem’ or bigger celebs at very higher weights to make it seem they’re very overweight. It gives the people something to talk about and a reason to pick up their magazine, watch them, read their sites, etc.

So today I just wanted to paint more accurate weights of some of these celebrities and models (I’ll be focusing more on thinspos lol). Enjoy!

Note: All the ‘normal weights’ are from Healthy Celeb.

Ariana Grande

Height: 5’1 ft.

Weight: 106 pounds

My guess: About 100 pounds. No more than 105 pounds.

Notes: I think what people need to consider about Ari is the fact that she is super tiny. 5 pounds on Ari look a whole more than 5 pounds on a model. Even though Ari is pretty thin, she’s not underweight. I have a cousin who is 5’2 and 100 pounds and she looks a bit thinner than Ari so Ari is about there. Ariana isn’t very athletic or toned either. As for her weight loss, I’m sure she didn’t reach under 95 pounds but she’s gained a little since then.

Miley Cyrus

Height: 5’5 ft.

Weight: 106 pounds

My guess: About 120 pounds.

What people need to remember about Miley is that the girl is fit and muscle weighs more than fat. There is no way she can weigh that little with her body, she’s definitely in shape. Also, Miley is healthy. Her body is a healthy, fit one. She does not have bones sticking out or anything. She’s definitely in the healhy range and 106 would put her slightly undrweight, it’s not possible.

Taylor Momsen

Height: 5’7 ft.

Weight: 119 pounds. About accurate.

My guess: 115-120 pounds.

Taylor is pretty thin but not toned. She’s not athletic or super fit or anything. However, she’s not thin enough where you can see her bones. She’s on the edge of the healthy weight range for her height.

Cara Delevingne

Height: 5’8 ft.

Weight: 112 pounds

My guess: About 135 pounds.

No way she weighs 112 pounds, maybe back when she was at her thinnest but with her weight gain just no. Cara right now is at a very healthy weight. She is also exercising and has gained some muscle weight. Overall, Cara is at her healthiest not underweight.

Kendall Jenner

Height: 5’10 ft.

Weight: 130 pounds

My guess: 125-130 pounds

Kendall is definitely thin but she’s not your stereotypical model thin at 107 pounds, that’s incredibly bony. Kendall is slim but still at a healthier weight. Also, the reason why she’s higher is because the girl has some muscle. When she was younger she was just skinny now, she works out and has some definition going on.

Taylor Swift

Height: 5’10 ft.

Weight: 119 pounds

My guess: About 135 pounds

There is no way Taylor is 119 pounds, maybe at her very thinnest but with her weight gain and muscle just no. Recently, Taylor has gained some weight and it’s not all muscle so that puts her at a higher weight. On top of this, Taylor workouts a lot and focuses on strenght training so she more muscle on her. She’s pretty toned. Taylor is thin yes, but she’s not underweight just slimmer than average. Also, Taylor has a pear body shape which means that even at a lower weight she’ll not be seeing a thigh gap that easily.







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