Daily Food Journal-Running plus fireworks and some thinspo

Hey girls,

I just want to briefly log in what I ate and what I’ve been up to. Enjoy!

Morning: Lite orange juice (35)

Breakfast: Special K with red berries cereal w/ skim milk and coffee (140)

Lunch: Salad w/ Diet Coke (45)

Snacks: Apple (80), baby carrots w/ hummus (70), water

Dinner: Tea w/ Splenda (0)

Total: 370 calories! Great!!!

I went for a run for around the park (while enjoying beautiful fireworks :P) and logged in into an app and it says I burned 411 calories ( I don’t think that’s accurate but oh well :/)

NET: -41 calories!!!!! Amazing lol. I burned off what I ate and an extra 41 calories!! Now all I need is to burn 3,459 calories to lose a pound lmao. Wish me luck!

So, I went out for a run at about 8ish to the park and when I got there I noticed all these cars and people and I remembered “Damn Liz, it’s your high school’s fireworks day.” Needless to say, the park was full. The street was locked down, the school and all surrounding parking lots and places were full to the fullest and police were everywhere and there I was running. After I finished my hour long run I went over to my old high school and sat down with the family to watch the remaining fireworks, they were lovely. I’ll try uploading a video on my phone (I hope it downloads).

Now, I know I didn’t make a thinspo Saturday post and I’m sorry. I’ve been extremely busy and I was out with family and I just didn’t have time. So, I guess I’ll post some motivational pro-ana quotes. Enjoy!



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