Daily Food Journal: No binging, WTF is happening to Taylor Swift, Ex issues

Hey loves,

I just wanted to make a quick update on my life and what I ate today. Enjoy!

Food log:

Morning: Lite OJ (35)

Breakfast: Nonfat Greek yogurt w/ coffee (100)

Lunch: Salad w/ egg whites plus some chicken (100)

Snacks: Orange (60), A few grapes (15), Granola bar (90)

Dinner: Hot chocolate (100)

Total: 500 calories – No binge today!!!! YAY!!!!!!! 😀 Proud.

Well, today I happened to read about the drama between Kimye and Taylor. It was very interesting to say the least. For those who aren’t aware, Kanye released a song called “Famous” in which he raps the line, “I feel like me and Taylor will still have sex…Why? I made that bitch famous.” When the song was originally released, a couple months ago, Taylor, said that she did not approve of that song and said it was derogatory to women, in genereal. She strongly disliked the “bitch” part and the fact that he pretty much took credit for her success. In her Grammys speech, Taylor dissed Kanye and took a strong feminist stand against him and the lyrics in the song. However, Kanye said that he actually had called Taylor in advanced, and they had a one hour long conversation in which she approved of the song. Of course, Taylor denied it and said that she never knew of this phone call or the song lyrics.

Personally, I did not believe Kanye at all. Seriously, who calls someone to approve song lyrics about them? Taylor isn’t the first to have her name mention in a song nor will she be the last; this is honestly not that big deal. However, Kanye and Kim remained solid and so did Taylor.

Yesterday, Kim K released some snapchats of Taylor and Kanye’s phone conversation about the lyrics in “Famous.” In the video, you can clearly hear Taylor approve of the lyrics and even thanks Kanye for letting her know in advance. Kanye says that he’d rather have a good friendship than a good song which is why he wanted her to know.

Basically, Taylor lied.

Being a Taylor Swift fan and strongly disliking Kanye and the entire Kardashian clan, I was upset. I was even more upset after Taylor took a screenshot of a pre-written note on her phone still denying that she even knew about the lyrics.

Really Taylor???? Now, her story changed. I love you Taylor, but STOP playing the victim. Now, she’s even talking about suing Kim for leaking a private conversation and for “character assassination.” Taylor, you did this to yourself. Honestly, I’m not suprised this happned because it was bound to. Common guys?? Taylor is literally too perfect to be rue. She never curses, she loves to bake, she’s a feminist, she’s the best role model, etc. No one is perfect in this world and neither is Taylor. Taylor is only really patient and a genius business woman who has only the best publicists and team. She’s extremely obedient because she knows what sells and she has to do to maintain her public image……but it’s all crimbling down for her……and it might for her bff Selena as well.

What’s wrong with Taylor? She’s gaining a whole lot of weight, she looks like she’s nearing her 40’s with her terrible look, she’s relying on a man for love and attention, she’s not working on an album? her real side is starting to reveal herself???? What happened to the Taylor that took care of herself and dieted and exercised? The Taylor that only had the best makeup, hair, and warddrove staff? The Taylor who only needed a man to make money? The Taylor that instead of engaging in stupid fights was working on her next 250 million dollar album and tour? The Taylor that was extremely self disciplined to control her negative side to the media? And her staff that made sure her skeletons didn’t leave the closet?

Taylor needs to just stop. Yes, just stop. Just stop responding to Kim and Kanye and leave them alone. Because by responding she’s only giving Kimye more fame and burrying herself into some deep shit. Taylor needs to disappear from the public eye for a bit. She needs to let the situation die off, leave Calvin Harris alone, and honestly take some time to think about her life and her “quickie” with Tom. She needs to get back on track with her diet and exercise, her music, and her little miss perfect life again. Good luck Taylor 🙂

Oh, and she can’t be serious about suing for “character assassination” because her lyrics have destroyed a lot of her ex-boyfriend’s public characters. Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Connor Kennedy, Adam Young,and she actually called out by first and last name about her non-famous boyfriends that she worte songs about and actually talked about them in a negative all on a national basis. Talk about invation of privacy. Oh, and her “feminist” side is to attack Katy Perry in a song and basically call a woman who “stole” her boyfriend a slut on her track: Camila Belle. True feminist 🙂

Now, that this rant is over, I can move on to another one.

I can’t get over my ex. I just can’t. All I do is think of him all day long. The worst part is that he has already moved on and I don’t to be the one who texts him but I know he wont. I’m so heartbroken and upset. I’m losing this war and I’m going to relapse. I’m trying so hard not to but I can’t. I just can’t. I know if I text him I won’t win. 1. I’ll be degrading myself because he did me wrong. 2. It wont make things ‘okay.’ 3. He’ll come out of this the winner because he gets to brag: “Oh look, I haver her at my feet.” It’s just so hard 😦

I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself.

At least I didn’t binge, that’s all I have going for me right now.

Goodnight loves,

Liz ❤


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