Update- worst luck/broken phone

Hey girls,

Just wanted to make a quick late night update.

So, I’m pissed. My phone is broken and I’m broke. I had to buy one on eBay….that’s how broke I am and I have to wait DAYS before I receive it. Yep, I hate my life. FML.

I managed to look up a YouTube video on how to fix a temporary problem I was having with the screen (after looking it up for hours). Still, my phone has been broken for a while now. This phone cost us $275 and I already had the screen replaced ($75), I need a new battery (at least ($80), and I can’t hear phone calls (price for that maybe around ($60+). So, if I’m going to spend that much money on fixing it, I might as well just buy a new one.

I bought a new one with a 2-year warranty from eBay it cost about $350 which is a lot. I’m going to have to put in at least $100 :/ On top of that, I need a new laptop, college books, and tuition will be an extra $5,000 this year. I have no idea how I am going to live.

Financial struggles…..I hate being poor. HATE IT!

I also happen to have the worst luck ever.

Oh and I binged out frustration and anger and for some odd reason, I could not purge today. I have no idea why. Maybe I was just too emotional or I don’t know. So, yeah, I have terrible luck.

On the bright side, despite my binge and no purge, I didn’t gain weight. That’s about the only good thing.

Sorry for the rant loves :/ I just feel that I’ve had so much bad luck recently and all I want is to get it all out.

Until tomorrow loves.




4 thoughts on “Update- worst luck/broken phone

  1. I know the financial struggle when being in college – it’s rough. Try anyway to look up scholarships and rent textbooks online rather in the bookstore. I saved a lot of money doing that. Sorry about your bad luck, it’ll turn around eventually!

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  2. Haha umm I have another question. What should I eat before a playing a sport because I don’t want my coach to realize my low energy levels during a game but I don’t want to gain a bunch of weight by eating a lot? Any advice?


    1. I would suggest something high carb and high sugar. Maybe eat a peace of fruit like an apple or you can even go for a protein bar. You get a ton of protein and some carbs. They have some good macros, keep you feel, and basically count as a meal almost lol.


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