Update-Bad luck continued, the zoo, major backache

Hey everyone,

First, I want to apologize for not being active the last couple of days, I’ve been kinda busy. I just wanted to give you guys a brief update on my life as the last couple of days have been kind of eventful. Enjoy!

My ex– I haven’t talked to my ex since Sunday. For the short three days that we did talk he basically told me he cheated on me, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me, and to stop talking to him forever, oh, and I might just add that he’s already moved on and thinking about someone else :(. A few tears went down my cheeks after hearing all of this. This guy was my first boyfriend, my first love, and I shared something so huge with him. I was stuck in a fantasy world and believed that this was going to last forever and that he would never hurt me. I guess you can say that I’ve learned through this experience. There is NO SUCH THING AS LOVE. My heart is broken into hundreds of little pieces and I have to work on getting in back together again and I will let him go.

Sunday thunderstorm– On Sunday night, there was a HUGE thunderstorm in my area. The lightning was powerful enough to knock out 360 people’s light JUST IN MY AREA. The rain knocked out our electricity and I felt that my bad luck streak continued. We out of electricity until Monday afternoonish. The worst part was that all my safe foods were ruined, it was pretty hot (it’s Chicago), and I had no wi-fi. Oh, and the night of the thunderstorm we had no lighters which means I could not even light up a candle to see in the dark. I’m terrified of the dark so, I was so scared until my dad came home hours later and had some matches. Those two days were pretty horrible.

The zoo– I went to the zoo today! I haven’t been to the zoo in years; I was super excited. We saw all types of animals: kangaroos, meerkats (love), wolves (babies), little goats and wallabies that you could pet, a python that weighs 100 pounds and is still growing, tons of different types of monkeys, little things that looked like rats lol, laughing hyenas, lots of sleeping big cats (tiger was my favorite), seals, sea otters, and my favorite: DOLPHINS!!! The dolphin show was pretty neat. They’re loaded with babies right now <3. Even though we had a fun time, I am so tired. The zoo is HUGE. It took us 4.5 hours to walk all around it. I only brought a water bottle and a Diet Coke with me which was a bad idea. I felt very lightheaded. Now, I also have a major backache. Does anyone know what can help? Thanks in advance.

Distractions– In order to distract myself from my breakup I have been doing some things. One: I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix! Lots of movies and tv shows. Two: I’ve been coloring. I’ve reverted back to an infantile state for some odd and coloring, I love to do and it distracts me. Three: I’ve bought random stuff and ordered random stuff on pure impulse some free samples, some Peta stickers ( I like free lol), and other random stuff. I also bought a journal to write in. I don’t know what to write in yet but I’ll figure it out. Oh, and I also received my new phone 🙂

It’s not all been just bad, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Hopefully, the light continues to shine.

Well loves, I’m heading off to bed.


Liz ❤


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