Illinois Eliminates the ‘Tampon Tax’

Hey loves,

*Warning: if you are easily offended by sensitive topics, DON’T read this*

I want to talk about something I read today that I think is interesting and a step in the right direction for gender equality.

Most of you know that I am from Illinois (Chicago suburbs) so this is relevant to me lol. Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill on Friday which will eliminate the tax on feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons. The bill comes into effect on January 1. You can read the full story here.

Thanks, Rauner, probably one of the only good things you’ve done in office. I mean, it’s not like all college students don’t love you for taking away the MAP grant and oh, making us pay it back. Oh, let’s not forget that now everyone that wants to get their license has to wait 45 days after passing the driving exam to finally get their physical  drivers license.

Anyways, I can go and on with the list of thank yous, but you guys get the idea.

Ladies of Illinois, we finally have something that will make our periods a little easier (not that anything really can).

Honestly, I wish that the day came when we can all just go to the store and pick up a box of tampons without having to pay, period (no pun intended). It’s not like we asked for this and trust me, it’s not pleasant. Periods aren’t pleasant, buying tampons isn’t pleasant either. Those things are heavily overpriced. We pay around $7 (and that’s without tax and talking about ‘cheap’ ones) each month on an item that we need. Should women be charged for an item that makes us women? I don’t think so. But it’s a man’s world running on money. Still, the government (which is run by a majority men) believes they can tell women what and what we can’t do with our bodies. The issue of abortion is still a hot topic which a lot of men in office still believe they can control and oh, restrict. They still find ways to restrict our rights!

Women have it tough. We get periods which come with besties bloating, headaches, backaches, and cramps. We also have to go through a labor. On top of this, some of us don’t have our baby’s father in our lives which means we have to take care of the kids and hold down the household all by ourselves. Let’s not forget that some men still believe that after we just finished our 8-12 hour shifts, we still have to come home and cook for them and clean the house and take care of the kids.

If he’s anything like my ex, then he expects his food made (can’t make himself a sandwich), his house and room clean (because of course, he doesn’t have a job and gets bad grades in college but still doesn’t have time to do this) while he sits on his laptop playing games and watching porn.

Men don’t have vaginas, they don’t have blood coming out of there every month, they don’t have to go through labor, they don’t have to worry about the kids (if he really wanted to, he can leave the child to you but he still enjoyed the sex). We do. It’s our bodies and we know best!

So, let’s take a moment and really thank the women around us for everything they do for us!

Well, I can go on a rant about that but I’ll stop there. Please note, that there are incredibly amazing men out there! There really are and this is no way meant to offend or put a gender down.

I do think this is a step in the right direction (especially with this governor) in women’s rights and gender equality. I hope more states (so far only New York and Connecticut have done this) follow this leadership.

Also, I think it’s time to be more open about this and stop being ashamed of periods and feminine hygiene products. Every woman gets one. Your mother, your wife, your daughter, your sister, etc.

P.S. Check out my review on my favorite tampons: Playtex Sport here. Amazing product. My favorite tampons are Playtex Sport but Tampax Pearl are pretty good too. I don’t really use pads but the Stayfree ultra thin overnight ones are pretty good. Oh, and Carefree liners are awesome and they also make thong liners which are a God sent because thongs just happen in every woman’s life!

Hopefully, this wasn’t too disgusting.



Sleep well loves.


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