Laughter is the Cure

Hey lovelies,

I want to talk about something amazing that happened yesterday; this is exactly what I needed.

After class, I went to contact one of my girlfriends that I met in middle school. We went to the same high school but parted our own ways when we left for college. We use to be BFFs in middle school but we did grow apart in high school and in college, we obviously didn’t see each other anymore.

I messaged her on Instagram to ask her for her number and she replied and we started texting. This girl is the one friend that will always be there for you.

I talked with her and eventually told her about my issues. This girl was beyond supportive. We texted the entire day.

She told me what her ex did to her. He was such a pathetic asshole. He cheated on her with 4 other girls. 4!!! He forced her to have sex with him. He would never want to take pictures with her. He also used to flirt (sexually) with other girls on social media. This is just the start to what he was like.

I was completely shocked and disgusted by this guy. What on earth is wrong with him? My friend is so beautiful, incredibly smart, and unbelievably sweet and caring. She’s literally the entire package. How the hell could he be so pathetic?

Well, he realized how stupid he was after he saw her happy. To get over her breakup she cut her hair, lost weight, found another job, and even went out on some dates. Eventually, she found a real man. At that point, her ex finally realized what a loser he was and begged for her back. He cried and begged for her to go back. Funny huh? Fortunately, she realized her worth and did NOT take him back.

When she talks about him now, she says she laughs. She laughs because he’s such a loser. The way she said it, it was funny. He was such an idiot that it was actually laughable.

She made me realize what a laughable asshole my ex really is. She laughed at some of the things I told her he did. Now that I think about it, they are pretty funny because he sounds like a pathetic jerk. Let’s see:

  • He once said that he’d save Goku (his action figure that he carries around with him at all times) over me. An action figure? LOL What an immature child.
  • He’d constantly accuse me of cheating and even went through my Facebook without my permission when he was the one cheating. Hmmm…..
  • He never took me out in 15 months. Not the movies, to a restuarant, nowhere. Once I told him that I was going to a concert with one our friends (guy), he got so pissed.
  • He was so cheap. He never bought me anything. I bought him expensive things. He said he was going to give me back all my love letters and rings but how about that $100 Taylor Swift hoodie??? No mention lol. Not that I want it back.
  • He only visited me like 6-8 times. He’d get a blowjob and then leave lol. He didn’t want to ‘waste money’ to come visit me.
  • The reason why we never had sex was because he didn’t want to pay for condoms. LMAO. He’d want to do it without one.
  • He didn’t have $5 for some condoms or to come visit me but he had hundreds of dollars for Taylor Swift concerts and stupid YuGiOh cards.
  • He’d make fun of the way I looked. He HATED my glasses and other things about me. Yet, this guy has a beer belly (huge) and he’s 1 pound away from being labled as clinically obese lol.
  • He always had excuses for not getting jobs. One time his excuse for not hooking a job was, “I couldn’t find the room for my interview.” Really.
  • He’s so cocky. He literally says that all girls want him, they all want to have sex with him, and he can get any girl he wanted. Yeah, that’s why the longest relationship he was in before me lasted 3 months and almost all his exes cheated on him.
  • He watches girl TV shows. Do I need to say more?
  • He said that I wouldn’t be able to make it without him. Please.
  • The girl he cheated on me with is a stupid blonde. She’s actually quite ugly and petty. Since we are all in the same classes, she’s constantly flirting with him so I can see and does other stupid stuff lol. It’s kind of high school drama funny.
  • He was emotionally and verbally abusive. He always tried to make me feel bad so he could make himself feel better. He’d yell at me in public and even in class. He had serious anger issues. He’d even say he didn’t like me wearing shorts. Oh, when we first got together he said, “when I say any other guy talk to you I was NO NO NO, that’s MY girl.” We weren’t even dating.
  • He was one step away from being physically abusive. He pushed me once!
  • He was also one step away from being sexually abusive. All those times he wanted to to do it but I didn’t because he didn’t have a condom. Oh, even at school. He’d basically push me and push me. Luckily, I didn’t cave in.

I’m realizing what a loser he is, it’s actually funny.

It’s funny that I stayed with him for such a long time. He is a complete loser. I read some of these things out loud and they are kind of funny.

I’m glad that my friend made me realize this because I was about to do something that I would regret. This is exctly what I needed. Someone in my life to say they cared and help me through this.

Thank you.



P.S. I woke up to go to the bathroom and I turned on TV and George Lopez came on. It was the episode where Jason ignored Carmen at a dance because he was one of the ‘cool’ kids and she wasn’t. He didn’t even want to be seen in public with her. It was funny because Carmen didn’t have any type of self esteem that she still wanted to be with him and had actually agreed to this. It was funny because it shows just how blinded we can be by love when we don’t have any self esteem. I laughed. Same as Jason, my ex made me feel like he was the best I could get. lol.

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