Movies about Eating Disorders

Hey guys,

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of movies in my spare time. I tend to watch movies relating to eating disorders because they are often very relatable. They also bring sense into how individuals different from eating disorders think.

Today, I just wanted to share some of my favorite movies about eating disorders and give you guys a short review. Enjoy!

A Secret Between Friends

The main character, Lexi, struggles with the weight of her parent’s divorce, moving to a new state and school, and the pounds she’s put on during the summer. She meets a popular girl on her volleyball team, Jen, who struggles with bulimia. Pretty soon Jen helps Lexi lose weight which leads to her developing anorexia. This has to be my favorite movie about eating disorders. It does a great job of capturing how everyday issues and friends play a role in an individual’s eating disorder. It also scares some parents with just how many secrets friends share.

Sharing The Secret

Beth is the perfect daughter anyone could ask. She’s a straight A student, a ballet dancer, and incredibly mature. However, Beth hides a terrible secret: she is struggling with bulimia. Beth tries to hide her big secret but her life seems to be unraveling before her eyes. Soon, she has to explain this to her mother who doesn’t understand. I like this story because of how difficult it is for family members to understand eating disorders. They often blame outside factories rather than actually trying to look deeper to understand their loved one.

For The Love Of Nancy

Nancy is a good child ready to start her college career. Her mother is an extremely controlling woman who’s constantly making Nancy’s choices. Nancy soon crumbles down to all the pressures she has now and develops a severe case of anorexia. Unwilling to chance her behavior, Nancy’s parents soon realize they have to fight their own daughter if they want to see her alive. The thing that sticks out to me the most about this film is the extremes that parents will take to save their children. No matter how much hell Nancy puts them and herself through, they still try to help her all they possibly can.

Kate’s Secret

Kate is the perfect mother and wife. She’s a stay at home mom who holds down the home better than your typical house wife. She’s extremely loving and puts her husband and daughter above everything. Kate’s also hiding some secrets. She’s struggling with bulimia and has issues with her husband and mother. When everyone finds out about her secrets, Kate’s perfect life comes crashing down. This has to be another of my favorites because of the emotions of the movie. The movie really does a great job at getting down to the root of Kate’s eating disorder until we all understand her. I also like the fact that this movie strays away from your typical anorexic teenage girl wanting to get skinny eating disorder movie.

The Best Little Girl In The World

Casey is just a teenage girl trying to handle all the weight of her family’s problems. She’s always been the kid that caused no problems and loves school and dancing. However, the constant fighting at home sends in her own little world and she soon develops anorexia in order to try control something in her life. Cassey can’t get better until the root of her eating disorder, her family, finally gets settled. This classic eating disorder movie is really intriguing. Cassey’s eating disorder and problems really hit home and you become attached to her character. When she finally gets the courage to deal with her parents, it’s an incredibly intense moment yet so relieving.

Perfect Body

Andie is a gymnast who wants to make it to the Olympics. She joins a popular gymnastics gym and works the hardass coach. she becomes friends with the most recognized girl in the gym. Soon she realizes that this dream is harder to achieve more than anything she ever thought. She develops anorexia to stay in tune with the coach’s demands. I really liked this movie because it shows just how much girls are willing to work to achieve their dreams and how much coaches are willing to push their athletes.

Dying To Dance

There’s nothing more than Alyssa wants than to dance at the most popular New York City dancing program. When she’s accepted, she’s completely ecstatic and the school seems very promising. What Alyssa underestimated was the amount of work she would have to put in into being number 1. On top of this, her coach is extremely strict constantly telling the girls to lose weight and criticizing their every move. Alyssa becomes obsessed with dancing and her anorexia. Once again, I like this movie because of the coach-athlete relationship. Ballet dancers go through hell to dance and many of them suffer from anorexia because of the standard thin image we have of ballet dancers.

Hunger Point

Sisters Frannie and Shelly have grown up believing that being fat is the worst thing in the world and that dieting is the norm, thanks to their mother. Their mother has taught the girls unhealthy ideas about food which later comes back to haunt her. Her perfect daughter Shelly has to put a stop to her law career and application to Harvard so she can be hospitalized for her eating disorder. This sets off a frenzy in the home and everyone soon realizes how truly dysfunctional the family really is. Soon the have another daughter in Shelly’s shoes and the family needs to get it together. I really like this movie because it’s just about eating disorders. The beauty of this movie is really the dysfunctional family. I think many of us can relate to this but this is an extreme. It’s a very emotional movie.

Starving In Suburbia

Hannah is your typical senior who loves to dance is applying to colleges. Her life changes after she stumbles upon a pro-anorexia website. She becomes a member, Skin I’m In, and meets a butterfly ana who coaches her to starve herself. She becomes obsessed with food and thinspiration and completely paranoid. However, while her parents worry to death, they completely miss an important issue. Have they been worrying about the wrong issue the whole time? Interesting plot twist. I liked this movie in terms of the paranoia Hannah suffers with and how strong pro-anorexia websites influence teens. PS sorry guys, I could no longer find the free version of this movie, it was probably removed due to copyright or something.

I hope you guys enjoy these movies 🙂


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