Crushes on Professors

Hey loves,

I wanted to make a quick update post. Enjoy!

Diet wise – I was pretty good today. I ate 833 calories today and so far, I’ve taken 2,656 steps and burned 74 calories. This brings my total to 759 calories. I’ve been doing really good the last days. Very proud! I’m finally getting back on track with my diet. I feel like I finally have some control in my life. I can’t control my love life, but I can control what I eat. Also, this app has really helped.

I was also productive with school work. I finally finished my audio editing file. YAY! It took me a whopping 7 hours. 5 hours on Friday and 2 hours today. I’ve never used this technology so, hopefully, I get better with time. I also need to do some reading posts and another quiz. I’ll do those before heading to bed.

The interesting question for today: Is it weird to find your professor attractive?

I think I have a tiny crush on one of my professors.

He’s a young guy; probably, in his late twenties maybe early thirties. He looks like a total geek which for some reason, I find totally cute. He has big, dorky glasses and wears his shirts tucked in. He also has this deep kind of nerdy voice. If you hear his voice, he’s exactly how you picture him to be. I want to ask him if he’s married haha. I mean I’m of legal age, sooooo….. lol jk.

I have lots of different taste in men. My ex is chubby with a beer belly, has acne, but his hair made me fall in love with him. I love guys with long hair especially straight. I also like guys with green or blue eyes. Now, I guess I also like dorky looking guys lol. I guess the only things I look for in guys is that they are taller than me (I’m only 5 feet ha), around my age (yeah, because the professor isn’t at least 10 years older than me lol), but most importantly I want a real man. I want a man who’s going to be there for me in the good and in the bad. A man who loves me above all. A man who cares about me. Someone who’s loyal, sweet, caring, loving, smart, funny. Where can I find one of these guys?

Know a guy who fits this category? Hit me up! lol.

Well, I’m off to finish this reading assignment.

Goodnight dears,


Image result for i'm single text me


Image result for i'm single text me

Thinking about posting this on Facebook lol




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