Too much Stress

Hey dears,

Just want to make a quick update. Enjoy!

I’ve been so busy this entire week, and I’ll be busy next week too. I’ve had quizzes, a test, some group projects, etc. Too much school work to even think of. It’s very stressful. Since I’ve so busy I haven’t really had the time to make a post, I’m so sorry. I’m trying to get everything together.

I want to talk about something that happened yesterday. Well, I went to class to meet up with my partner to work on our assignment. I went into the class wanting to write a short ad and came out rethinking my entire life. Hearing my professor and fellow upperclassmen talk about their last year, was enough to send me into a panic attack. The entire year sounds like the hardest thing that will ever happen. I’m not even there yet, but I’m already freaking out. I was having a good day until that. Now I dislike the professor a little more. Thanks guys.

All this stress has me in a terrible mood, by the way. I’m lashing out for absolutely no reason. UGH!!!

On another note, my friends and I were arguing with another of our male friend over women and relationships. This guy literally thinks that relationships are not a compromise and ‘fuck her’ referring to the mother of his children. He said a lot of stupid things that just made me angry because this not how relationships work at all.

In a relationship, you have to compromise. You have to show the other person that you care even when you fight. You have to show them that you still love them even when you’ve been together for a long time. You have to realize that you’re not always going to be happy in a relationship and see past that issue.

With his ideologies, it’s easy to see why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and has never been in a long term relationship. Trust me, I’ve learned a lot throughout the years.

The last thing I want to talk about is my diet. I completely binged the last two days 😦 Oh well, I’ll do better today and I’ll make it up to myself.

—So proud of my friend who’s finally getting help for an eating disorder. Best of luck dear! You’re very brave.—



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