I did it!

Hey loves,

I just wanted to make a quick update on what I did this week. I had a pretty school-work intense week. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be considering what happened last week.

This entire week was almost entirely dedicated to working on one specific homework assignment. I hated it. We had to record our partners using different shooting styles and then edit the entire clips into one video. For someone who has never used a tripod, camera, or editing software and is terrible at using technology, this is was a very dreadful assignment. It only (*sarcastic*) took my partner and I about one week, 20 trips to our professor’s office, 3 phone calls to our professor, and a couple emails to our professor to finish this project. No big deal, right? Oh, not to mention this is the same professor and the same location where my little “outburst” last week occurred. Yeah, very fun. Well, at least I’m finished now. Never again.

This week I also managed to get the courage to go and sign up for counseling at my university. It was mainly my friends that pushed me into going after what happened last week. I have my first initial session on Monday and I don’t know how to feel about it. I really don’t want to go but I know I have to go. I know I need A LOT of counseling but I just refuse to go and get help. I have no idea how much of my time this is going to take up. I also don’t know the counselor or how/what is going to happen in my initial counseling session. I guess I’ll see how the first session goes and take it from there.

I also bumped into my ex (sigh). I decided to ignore him and delete him out of my life. I’m too busy with school and trying to figure out my mental state to even think about him.

This weekend, I plan to work on some homework. Why must I have so much homework? Oh, and I also want some Starbucks coffee sometime before Monday lol.

The other big thing that has been on my mind is trying a new diet. A new way of eating. I read that having a good diet can help reduce stress and anxiety. But of course, not knowing what kind of diet to follow or what to eat gives me a lot of stress and anxiety. I don’t want anything too extreme, at this point. I don’t want to constantly be worrying about calories, carbs, fat, etc. I don’t want something where I have to count something. I don’t want something were I have to eliminate an entire food group or that my options are extremely limited. I was looking into a paleo diet (I know Megan Fox and VS models follow this) but this means I have to cut out a lot of things. I have to eat a lot of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, and nuts. If I go vegan again (think Jenna Marbles, Ariana Grande), I can only eat veggies, fruits, nuts, grains, beans, and tofu. Both of these diets include cutting out my morning coffee with skim milk and Splenda. I don’t know if I can do that. I’m also considering eating a more vegetarian or pescatarian/Mediterranean diet since these aren’t as restrictive. I don’t know yet but I’ll keep you updated!

The very last thing that is on my mind (and on every other American’s mind) is the DONALD TRUMP WIN! EVERYONE is talking about this since his win on Tuesday. We are all extremely upset. It’s so disgusting that an idiot with absolutely NO political experience could become the next president of the United States. We are talking about a man who can’t even say a sentence properly. He is a racist, sexist bigot who hates everyone and anyone who is not a heterosexual, cis, Christian white man. We are talking about the man who was endorsed by the KKK, an American extremist/terrorist group! He has openly discriminated  (and promoted violence) against undocumented immigrants, Latinos (especially Mexicans), African Americans, Muslims, women, the LGBT community, and anyone with a disability. Basically the majority of the American people. I still can’t believe that he won over a woman who has over 40 years of experience and knows what she’s doing (You probably already know who I supported throughout this campaign and voted for). It’s unfortunate that you can be a racist, sexist, homophobic, idiot and that still is better than being a woman. It’s extremely disgusting. It’s also disgusting to see all the people that say “get over it.” Many white Americans say this because they are privileged. This man’s racism won’t ever affect them so tell everyone else to “get over it.” White privilege is a such a real thing that white people don’t even realize they possess.

One thing I can say is that even though this man will be the next American president, we, the American people, are incredibly united. We still stand up against injustice just like our ancestors did. Love and unity will always trump hate and violence. I have faith in the American people and Trump and his supporter’s hate won’t be able to break our strength ❤



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