I Caught a Break-Little Miss Perfect Review

Hey loves,

I just wanted to write a quick post about my weekend. I’m super happy because I finally caught a break from all the stress I was under and I got the chance to relax.

I haven’t had a chance to just relax and not think about anything at all until this weekend. This weekend was pretty amazing. I was caught with almost all my work (I did everything during the week) and I had nothing else to do. I literally relaxed this weekend. I finished watching Little Miss Perfect (which sucked), went to Walmart, and thought about my diet. I had very little anxiety this weekend. The only thing that I really thought about was food and what I was going to eat. However, because I had free time I had time to prepare good foods and ‘try’ not to stress out over what I was going to eat. Overall, I really enjoyed doing absolutely nothing this weekend.

Oh, the only thing I did do was catch up on my reading posts for my Literature class. Now, I don’t have to worry at all about the posts during my Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, today I have a test. Fortunately, it’s online so I can use the notes and my book. It’s also not due until midnight so I have time to finish it. I’m not extremely worried about it. I decided to not go to school today since I’m caught up with everything and I want to continue the stress-free streak I’m on. This probably won’t last long haha.

Little Miss Perfect Review

The one thing I wanted to talk about was how horrible Little Miss Perfect was. The eating disorder and pro-ana websites stereotypes were extremely real here. However, those things were not even the worst thing about this movie. Honestly, it’s a horrible script and a horrible actress. I do understand that this was a more ‘low-budget’ movie but this is pure trash. I remember in one scene that the camera was shaking??? I did not know that tripods and cameramen were only a part of high-budget films. The movie made no sense either. There wasn’t like a clear plot. The fact that she has an eating disorder wasn’t even played as much as it should have been. We don’t see her obsessing over food or weight either. It’s very blank. It’s the other characters in the movie that give the audience the cue that she has an eating disorder not actually Belle. Everyone says she starves herself but we don’t actually ever see her obsessing about food, calories, weight. We really just see her obsessing over a thinspo blog on Tumblr and wanting to take pics for the blog. It’s all very stupid. She sees this blog then out of nowhere she’s 80 pounds and everyone is telling her she is starving herself. She also loses interests in the things she wants like being class president and applying for a journalism position, in literally just one day. There is absolutely no deterioration, it all just happens at once! Oh, and her acting was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The actress tried way too hard and Belle came off as annoying. She also always raised her eyebrows and shook her head which was incredibly annoying. Not to mention the amount of poptarts that were sacrificed to make this movie. There was a scene where she was cutting herself which is supposed to be a very emotional scene but I felt nothing for Belle. I felt no connection to her or her eating disorder/story. You even feel some kind of connection with Hannah from Starving in Suburbia but with Belle, there is nothing. Overall, it’s a horrible movie and not worth your time.

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Like I mentioned before, I’ve been stressing out over what to eat. I’ve been trying to eat a more protein/low carb diet for the past days and let me say that it’s been amazing! I eat such a low amount of calories but I never leave the diner table feeling hungry. I feel so satisfied even though, I’m eating way under 800 calories. It’s so incredible. The other one thing that was so amazing is that I have no cravings! The other day I saw a cookie and I had no desire to eat it! Veganism/vegetarianism never gave me that satisfaction. I was always craving when I was vegan and I was more likely to binge. The only thing I can say is that I’ve made a few personal adjustments to the low-carb pyramid. I do eat dairy (although I try to eat low-carb, fat-free Greek yogurt and milk only), I avoid red meat (I find it way too high in fat and cholesterol, once in a while only), I’m also scared of fat (I know that it’s good for you but fat scares me). Basically I’ve based my diet around: protein (fish (mainly low-fat tilapia, flounder, and light canned tuna), skinless, boneless chicken breast (turkey sometimes), egg whites, nonfat, low-carb dairy), Non-starchy veggies, and low-carb/low-sugar fruits like berries. I do plan on eating more healthy fats like salmon, avocado, light mayo, nuts, and egg yolks and I do plan on eating some beans sometimes. So far, I’ve really liked eating like this. Let’s see how this goes!

Yesterday’s food log: 337 calories. 54 grams of protein, 20 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fat

  • Breakfast: Light N Fit Greek yogurt with coffee w/skim milk + Splenda (100)
  • Lunch: salad with shredded carrots, canned light tuna w/ light may0 + Diet Coke (86)
  • Dinner: Mixed steamed veggies with boneless, skinless chicken breast + Tea (171)
  • Snacks: Water (0)

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Image result for atkins pyramid

Image result for atkins pyramid

Have a wonderful week.




2 thoughts on “I Caught a Break-Little Miss Perfect Review

    1. Yes, I have. It’s a lovely movie! Beth’s character is very complex and more believable than Belle. I also love Kate’s Secret, A Secret Between friends, and Hunger Point.


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