I Pulled Through

Hey loves,

I just wanted to write a quick post for today. Enjoy!

So…I finally finished up the semester. YAY! Yesterday was the last day and I got all my work done and everything. I finished up this semester super strong. I received my 4.0! I’m so proud of myself. I still can’t believe I managed to pull through this semester despite all the difficulties I was enduring. I’m super happy! I even made a video on my Instagram and Facebook about how happy I was, and I have never posted a video of myself on social media lol. I had to thank all my friends who have been supporting me too, they helped me out so much.

I remember back to when I wrote this post: https://perfectisnteasy.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/i-have-to-go-away/

I can’t imagine I actually wanted to go away. I said I was done trying.

Well…..I’m glad I stayed. I’m glad I got better from that dark hole I was in. I’m so proud of myself for everything I’ve accomplished. I went from being totally depressed and wanting to cry and sleep all day to getting my motivation back, getting my friends back, and finishing the semester stronger than ever.

One thing that I have learned through all this is that I am stronger than what I think I am. I thought I was going to let the pain, isolation, and depression get the best of me and guess what? They didn’t. I thought I was never going to get over my breakup and guess what? I did. I really am strong when I set my mind into it.

This blog and this community has helped me out so much! I am blessed to have a place where I can express all my emotions and let everything out. I love the people on here who have been supporting me since day 1. You guys are the best and I’m honored to have all you guys on my team. Thank you ❤

For everyone going through a bad time remember this: You CAN make it through. You are strong. You are stronger and braver than what you give yourself credit for. This pain that you feel will go away. 

Please remember this darling and stay strong. When they knock us down, we get up stronger than when went down.





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