Christmas Wishlist

Hey loves,

I just wanted to make a quick and fun Christmas post. Enjoy!

Okay, so we all know Christmas is just around the corner. We are probably all totally freaking out worrying about all the gifts we still need to buy, what food we are going to prepare, getting all those lovely decorations in, and planning out the entire day. How incredibly stressful is that? Pretty stressful.

But today I wanted to take some of that stress off and talk about ourselves. We’re always worrying about what we are going to give others and how to make the perfect Christmas day for others, but we never take a step back and think about ourselves. Well today is the chance to do so.

Today I want us all to think about ourselves and our wants and needs all compiled down in a nice handy list. That’s exactly what I did. I’ve been seeing a lot of these posts but I haven’t really thought about what I want for Christmas until now. So, here’s my Christmas Wishlist: (granted I’m not going to get anything since this Macbook was my hefty $1.1K gift)

  • A new Macbook (haha, I got that one!)
  • A new iPhone (I’m probably going to buy myself a ‘cheap’ SE because I’m broke)
  • A camera
  • A new pair of Bearpaw boots
  • A new winter coat (I’m in desperate need)
  • A new leather purse
  • Elliptical/stationary bike machine
  • VS Pink gear

Realistically speaking now:

  • iTunes gift card
  • Starbucks gift card
  • VS perfume and lotion set
  • Taylor Swift calendar
  • Makeup
  • Macbook sleeve
  • Apple headphones
  • Better Than Sex mascara
  • Sonia Kashuk shimmery pallet

So, what do you guys want for Christmas? Share your Christmas wish lists below!




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