Merry Christmas

Hey loves,

Merry Christmas to you all! I’m sending all my love to everyone on this wonderful day. I hope you all have a great day filled lots of joy and some good food and gifts.

We typically celebrate on Christmas Eve. We gathered around my aunt’s house and we had a big meal and opened presents. I had a fun time. My sister and my dad unfortunately, had to work but my sister made it just in time for presents. We opened presents at around midnight and gathered around the Christmas tree and it was so fun. I started crying when I opened my gift from my sister. She got me exactly what I wanted! She got me my Taylor Swift calendar, an iTunes gift card, a mascara (I started crying as soon as I saw it because it’s what I wanted lol), and some Apple headphones. My parents had already bought me my MacBook but my mom gave me an extra perfume/body wash/lotion set from Bath & Body works. My cousin got me some cute sweatpants and my aunt bought me the most cutest Pink backpack. Oh, and Santa got me $10 lol. Yep, I was too excited 😀

Also… I have some BIG news….

I bought myself the new iPhone 7 plus in rose gold for Christmas! I’m super excited about that. The phone is absolutely beautiful. I decided to spoil myself for once and I went all out and I don’t regret it one bit. I love my new phone! All I need is a case for it. The only thing that sucks is that the my sister had gotten me regular Apple headphones before I got the 7 plus (I can’t use those without a headphone jack) but that’s okay because I can use them with my adapter 🙂

I’m really happy guys. I remember I started crying when I got my mascara because it’s exactly what I wanted. My sister actually listens to me. I felt so happy yesterday. It made me think that it truly is the little things in life that make it great! It’s not about what you got, it’s about the fact that someone cares enough to think of you and listens to you.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂




2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Wow!! That is so nice to hear you spent the Christmas eve in such a great way and that is so sweet of your sis to get you what actually you want.Yes I agree with you, it is such a great feeling when someone cares for you so much and thinks about you and your likes. I wish I had a sis too but actually even besties are more like sisters who support you, care for you, kick and punch you if you try to act smarter than them and throw pajama parties every weekend and shot crazy selfies. By the way, your Christmas tree looks beautiful.

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