Happy New Years

Hey loves,

Happy New Years!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful time today and that 2017 offers you the very best!

My plans for today are to do nothing at all. We don’t really celebrate New Years anymore. It’s not a big deal like it was when I was younger. Now, we just go on about our day just like any other day. I don’t really mind, though; it’s something I’ve gotten used to.

Anyways, today I just wanted to reflect on 2016 and everything this year has brought me.

I remember the beginning of the 2016 year where I was happy and excited to be walking into the new year taken and happy. It was one of the best times of my life. I started my new communications major and I loved it! I loved the classes and the teachers. I’m glad I was finally able to find my place in all these majors. However, the happiness started drifting away as I saw my boyfriend change. I become edgy and constantly worried. I started this blog which has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. This place is like a second home for me. I get to express myself and I know all you guys will love me and support me.

Fast forward to the middle of the year when my family was out on vacation and my boyfriend had broken up with me, I was unbelievably depressed. I remember my suicide attempt and that horrific panic attack. I remember how I was crying every day all day long. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to go to school. I wanted to leave and make the pain go away. I remember when I was forced to go back to school and how I was always crying. I remember all the relapses I had with my ex. I remember all my friends giving me their pep talks trying to help me move pass this. It was a hard time trying to deal with my breakup, go to school, and deal with my kidney issues (Y’all remember me getting hospitalized? Ouch). Oh, and let’s not forget Trump winning the presidency, yuck! 2016 sure had some rough patches.

And all of a sudden, things started changing. I somehow found myself again. I started working on myself again. I realized what awesome friends I had and how I had neglected them. I realized how much my family loved. I look back and think of all the good things that happened this year, which all happened towards the end. I managed to get a 4.0 gpa, rekindle my relationship with my friends, started counseling, and I even went to the zoo and got a new MacBook and the iPhone 7 plus. The year ended amazingly!

I am really looking forward to 2017 and I am strong enough to take whatever it has in store for me. I realized how strong and brave I really am. This year has taught me so much. Who knows, 2017 may be the year I finally grow up and become independent, I proved to be able to handle things quite well!

I hope you all enjoyed looking back on this 2016 year and thank you all for riding this wave with me. Hope we get to ride plenty more of those!

Bye bye 2016 and hello 2017!!!!!





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