Updated Site

Hey loves,

I just wanted to inform everyone of the changes that this site has encountered. Enjoy!

I finally had the chance to re-design this site and I am proud to say that it’s looking good. I’ve changed a few things around but I did keep some things the same. Overall, I think the site looks pretty attractive to the eye but still keeps all the other aspects that have always set my site apart.

I just wanted to inform all my followers of the major chances, in case you were wondering what the heck is going on with this site. Here are the main things I want to point out:

  • Layout. The layout of this site is pretty similar but just a tad different. The sidebar has some more options than before and the design/colors are just a bit different. I still kept that classic format, however.
  • Pages. I do want everyone to check out my updated About Me and Contact Page. I’ve added some updated info about myself. I’ve also changed my contact email address which is important. My updated and official contact email address is: perfectisnteasy18@gmail.com
  • Address. This point is very important to everyone who follows my site but especially to those who follow me via email. My new site’s address is: https://perfectisnteasy.wordpress.com my website’s address has changed. https://strugglinglifesperfection.wordpress.com is no longer active.
  • ProfileI have made some changes to my profile. My username is now: @perfectisnteasy.
  • Twitter. Another big announcement is that this site’s Twitter is no longer active. I have officially deactivated that account on Twitter and my posts will no longer be synced to any Twitter account.

Those are the major changes to this site. I hope I didn’t overwhelm anyone with these major changes. If you are confused about anything or have any questions, please comment down below or send me an email at: perfectisnteasy18@gmail.com. I’m pretty sure we will all get on this new bandwagon pretty soon 🙂

What do you guys think of these new changes? Let me know down below!

Thank you for understanding and all the support you’ve given me.




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