MacBook Air Review

Hey loves,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a review post. I’ve just been too busy with other aspects of my life that I Just haven’t been keeping up with trying new products and reviewing them (sorry guys). However, today I decided to make a review on the laptop that I got during Black Friday: MacBook Air. Enjoy!

First, let’s start off with the basics: 

  • This is a MacBook Air 2016
  • It’s a 13.3 inch laptop
  • Weighs about 3 pounds
  • It has 265 gigs of storage
  • It comes with 8 gigs of RAM
  • The battery lasts 12 hours
  • The cost is about $1,200 from the Apple store

If you want the full specs, check them out here.


Design: The one thing I love about this laptop is its beautiful design. Yes, all Apple computers are purely designed to look appealing but this one stood out to me. All Apple laptops have a premium look and feel to them with their backlit logos and aluminum base. Their laptops just look and feel like premium machines. The one thing that appealed to me about this laptop was its sleek design. It’s so thin and lightweight that it honestly feels like you’re holding a iPad Pro rather than a laptop. The keys also have enough travel to them and are pretty easy to press that make typing on it feel like a breeze. The trackpad is pretty well-built and accurate as well. It also comes with two USB 3 ports (great for charging my phone on the go), one thunderbolt 2 port, a headphone jack, dual mics, and a magsafe connector for charging it.

Performance: The performance of this little thing did surprise. It was so sleek and lightweight that I thought there had to be a catch to it, right? Well not exactly. It’s pretty decently fast and it doesn’t freeze or overheat easily. I’ve had it for a little over a month now and it handles everything I throw at it quite well. I have multiple tabs open, watch Netflix and YouTube, blog, do homework, etc without any complaints. Not to mention the battery life in this laptop is something insane. Apple claims 12 hours of battery and I have to say that they are spot on. If anything, Apple is being conservative in this aspect.

Software: MacOS operates quite easily and well. It’s complete with everything and anything you want and need to do. Everything is easy to find once you get use to the new software. The app store has some great apps for your Mac no matter what you are looking for. The one thing I like about this software is that through iCloud, you can connect all your devices together. I can connect my phone with and my laptop together so everything is on both devices at the same time. It’s a pretty neat feature. I can receive a text on my phone and answer it on my laptop.

The pros:

  • All day battery life. You can easily get 12+ hours of battery life on this laptop, it’s incredible.
  • Thin and portable. I can carry this all day in my backpack for school and I it won’t weigh be down at all. It’s a very light machine for its 13.3 inch size.
  • Gets the job done. Whatever you need to do for school or for home, this laptop will be able to handle it without any complaints.

The cons:

  • The display. While the display is absolutely beautiful, glossy, with good quality graphics, it is still not a retina display like on all Apple’s other devices.

Recommendations: I highly recommend this laptop for your average college student. It’s light and portable to carry with you all day during classes. The battery will last you all day so you won’t have to worry about having to charge it. It’s the perfect size. It’s not too small so you can’t see and have to cramp your hands while typing. However, it’s not too big that it’ll weight you down. It’s great for watching Netflix during your break, writing your papers, and checking out Facebook while your professor is lecturing you. It let’s you do everything you need it to. While this is not the cheapest laptop or by no means affordable, it is on the lower end of the Apple scale. I highly recommend you look for sales at Best Buy and don’t go the Apple route and if you have a student ID, many places give you an extra discount 🙂

Overall, I am very happy with my new laptop. I really needed a new laptop since my old one was 6 years old, big and bulky, had the worst battery life ever, and was so incredibly slow. This laptop was exactly what I was looking for.

If you are interested in this laptop, please check it out here.




What an awesome time to promote my blog 🙂



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