First Week Back to School

Hey loves,

Today I just wanted to share with you all how my first week back winter break went. Enjoy!

As you all may know, winter break is over for the college students and it’s that time when we all have to go back to school again. It’s a bit depressing since we do have a good month off. It’s just hard to get back to the usual routine after you’ve been relaxing for the past month. However, at the same time I’m glad we are back because that gives me something to do. I’ll no longer sit at home bored out of my mind. In a way, it’s all good.

My first week back went pretty well. I decided to switch my sociology class for another communication class because it just seemed like the better option for me. My classes don’t seem impossible either. The only bad thing is that I have 3 night classes which kind of sucks. They are 3 hours long and at night which is a bit annoying. On the bright side, I don’t have any classes on Friday. That’s always great. Overall, I’m pretty content with my classes and schedule.

I’m especially content because it gives me the freedom to get a job between all my classes. Because most of my classes are night classes and I have weekends off, I can work weekends and mornings then go to school at night. It doesn’t seem too bad. I’m starting to look at campus jobs and hopefully I can get one. That would be so convenient for me. I would work in the morning then go to class without having to worry about driving around or anything. Keep your fingers crossed that I do get a job on campus 🙂

I’m excited to see what this semester brings and hopefully I can start on achieving my new year’s goals soon! I hope that all you college students out there start off the semester on a good note and welcome back! We got this!





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