I’m Cured

Hey loves,

I just wanted to write a quick journal post. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in my last post, last week was my first week back to school from winter break and it all went quite well. So far, I think I’ll enjoy my classes. They seem very interesting. The only real issue of concern is that it seems like I’ll be doing lots of writing which shouldn’t be a big deal since I actually enjoy writing.

This week has been going well too. I haven’t had any problems at all and I seem to be doing just fine. I’m not worried about classes or really anything at all. This is definitely a first for me in months. I actually feel relaxed. I’m not stressed out about anything. Of course, feeling relaxed makes me anxious because it means that I don’t have issues but that’s hard to believe. However, I’m doing quite fine. I feel fine. Which is why my counselor and I decided that I don’t really need to come in anymore.

My sessions were pretty short. I only went to a few sessions and they were good. The one thing I can say about counseling is that it really makes you realize all the things that you typically don’t realize in yourself. Some of these things are a bit awkward to talk about. Some odd anxieties that you may have are just things that stay in your head and are incredibly awkward to talk about because other people don’t understand them since they don’t feel them. Counseling helps you learn more about yourself.

Another thing I noticed is that I don’t need help. I can usually cure myself within time. At one point, I thought I did need a lot of help but now I realize that I’m actually really strong. I deal with things on my own. I make myself happy again within time. If something bad happens to me, I cry and cry for months. Then, I just make myself feel happy again. The memory eventually gets pushed to the back of my head and I don’t think about it anymore.  I have the ability to cure myself when something is wrong.

While I don’t think my anxiety issues can ever go away, I can definitely control it. I’ve been controlling it all my life which is why I never ‘appeared to have a problem.’ There are just certain things that happen in my life that raise my level of anxiety, but after a while they go away, and I feel better again.

I’m glad that I’m fine again and I can return to my usual self. On a side note: I’m worried that now that I ‘feel fine,’ I’ll have nothing else to blog about lol. Something will come up, I know it. Until then, I’ll enjoy this sense of peace.



Thanks Taylor. This quote is everything. 

5 thoughts on “I’m Cured

  1. When I conquered depression, one of the things I struggled with was how good things were. As odd as it seems, I was so used to feeling down that I didn’t know what to do with myself when things were good, my life was great, there were no issues. There’s an adjustment period but if you can focus on the feeling of everything being ok, of how great you’re doing, and how far you’ve come, I’m sure the anxiety won’t be able to find its place. I encourage you to look into mindfulness, it might be of help to uproot anxiety. You have all that you need within you to be anxiety-free, live a fulfilling and joyful life, and feel empowered. Sending lots of love your way! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for all the advice ❤️ It’s true that we shape our own environment. When we want to be happy, we can focus on being happy and actually be happy. That’s also the true about sadness. I noticed that for a long time, I actually wanted to be sad. I didn’t want to feel better. It seems like it’s actually harder to try to be happy than to try to be sad. The hardest part is overcoming that obstacle and knowing that you are worthy of happiness and it will come once you start changing your perspective ❤️

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      1. That’s exactly right, our perspective shapes our reality. Of course thinking has to be accompanied with action but if you can frame your thoughts you are a step closer to your actions following in line. I like to think of it as heavy and light. It’s a whole lot harder to carry a sad load because it’s so heavy and it’s a lot easier to carry a happy load because it’s light. The energy you exert may be the same but over time it’s a lot harder to handle. You are more than worthy of happiness, it’s your birthright. Everyone deserves love and happiness. Do small things to cultivate happiness every day as well as nurture yourself. ❤

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