I’ve got Big News

Hey loves,

I just wanted to share some incredible news that I just received. Enjoy!

It feels like I’ve been writing a lot recently lol. This is is my third post in the last 24 hours, but it’s good because I’ve got some great news that I just have to share with you guys!

Last week, I talked to my father about getting a job at the restaurant where he works as a hostesses. My father went in to talk to the manger and he arranged a meeting for me. We talked about my availability and some brief things that I would have to do. Last night, I filled out the application and just a few minutes ago, I received a call telling me when I can come in for orientation!


I know, I’m super excited as well! I finally have a job now. This is my first real job, and I’m very excited to make my own money yet very nervous. I’ve been privileged my entire life where I didn’t need to work. Now that I am older, it’s time for me to have some type of experience before heading out in the real world. I wish I could have an internship but unfortunately, most are unpaid and I don’t drive. I’m still very excited about this job, though. I finally feel like I’m adulting and doing something productive with my life. Also, I can save up for that iPad that I wanted lol. Oh, and that’s a second thing I can cross off my New Year’s Goals list 😛

Wish me luck loves!







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