Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey loves,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to spread the love ❤

What am I doing today? Nothing.

I have a night class which I don’t think I’m going to and I also have to finish a midterm paper. I’ll probably finish that either tonight or tomorrow since I don’t have class. That’s basically how I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day…doing homework. So much funNote the sarcasm.

I wish I would have some plans today or even a date. That would be great but….I don’t. It would feel nice if for once in my life I would get something cute. There was only one year that I had a Valentine’s date and that went awful. He turned out to be a total jerk. I’m hopeful that just one day before I die, I spend a nice Valentine’s Day. Common, even my professor has a date……. I hate my life lol. Miss Lonely here.

I want to believe that I’m just too good for guys that’s why they don’t ask me out. Yup. They are intimidated of me. I’m too good for them. Right. Yeah. That’s the reason, alright.

The sarcasm today was real lol. But no, I hope you guys have a better day ❤






I took some (lonely) Valentine’s Day pictures on my Snapchat. Probably the most exciting thing I did today, aside from working on my essays 😛


Who needs a date when you have these cool shades on? lol.



4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

      1. No worries, several people had fun giving out valentines all around. I don’t celebrate it normally, being single, so really it was just another day. A couple girls got flowers which I really enjoyed for days on end afterward. 👍😊

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