Happy Anniversary!


Hey loves,

I just wanted to announce that today is a special day. It’s Perfect Isn’t Easy‘s one year anniversary. Woo hoo!

I can’t believe it’s been one year already since I started this blog. I remember my first post.  Reading that post, I realize how much I’ve grown since then. I realize how much my blog has grown and developed. I realize how much my blog has changed.

Originally, my blog was intended to be for me to journal in and help me through my weight loss. One year later, my vision is a bit different. While I still use this blog to journal in, I don’t find myself ranting as much or being so obsessed with food. I’m so glad I was able to move passed that because it really wasn’t a positive message for all my younger female followers and people struggling with weight loss themselves.

My blog has gotten a lot more positive, I think. I like to share the more positive things happening in my life rather than focusing on the negatives like I once did. I’m not sure if this is because my life has gotten genuinely happier or if it’s because I choose to write about the positives that I am a happier person. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

One thing I really wanted to say is that I want to thank all my followers who have read my blog for this entire year. You’ve seen me complain about food/weight, you’ve seen struggle with love and breakups, you’ve seen my issues with my depression and anxiety, yet you all stay and continue to support me. Thank you!

I’ve never felt so attached to any community like I feel with this one. I’ve had other blogs throughout the years and I’ve been a member of other community sites before, but this blog has something that the rest lack. You have all been so helpful and have always pushed me forward. It’s such an incredible feeling knowing that a group of people that you don’t even know can have so much love for you. It’s a beautiful thing. An unbreakable bond.

So, here’s to many more anniversaries to come. Cheers! *takes a sip of her Diet Coke*







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